Happy Halloween!!

**Disclaimer: For some reason my photos haven't been uploading the past few days, so sorry we're a bit behind. I'll add more pictures if the computer ever decides to cooperate**
This is the first year that I really feel old. We've always had some fun and crazy party to go to on Halloween, but not this year. Plus, I'm antsy to be able to dress my own like pumpkin, lion, or whatever other cute costume I find. We did celebrate Halloween but just a week early. First off, last weekend Derek and I held our 2nd annual Fall Party. We had some friends over - I made homemade chili while other people brought delicious cornbread, salad and cookies! You'll have to notice the Halloween and Spooky signs that us girls made for craft night (we get together once a week to work on any projects or crafts we'd like...aka another reason to get together and just laugh and hang out).

After dinner the tables turn into serious mode...the pumpkin carving contest begins. While the girls are the one to get all excited about choosing a pumpkin, the boys are the ones who get REALLY into it. Once all of the pumpkins are all hollowed out and carved, we drove over to our friends the Kukuk's house to be judged. Yes, you heard correctly, judged. It is a very specific process as we set all of the pumpkins lit in a row before the "jidges" (from So You Think You Can Dance) come outside. Last year Shannon and Cameron won....but not this year. Yours truly is now the pumpkin carving champions!

We then had our ward Halloween party this past week. Derek and I volunteered to be run the Bean Bag Toss booth so other parents could have fun with their kids. It snuck up on us, and before we knew it we had no costumes! So thank goodness for my friend Brooke in letting us borrow some! We ended up being Goldilocks and Papa Bear (it was a bit controversial considering I was a pregnant Goldilocks...). Anyhow, our booth was a major hit and we had a lot of fun playing with the kids and seeing all of their creative costumes.


The Shins

A few weekends ago Derek and I went to a Shins concert in Berkeley. It was at this beautiful outdoor ampitheater nestled into the woodsy hillside on a perfectly clear night; minus the various clouds of smoke circling around us, it was a perfect evening to enjoy one of our favorite bands. It's been way too long since we last went to a concert. (In fact, I believe the last one was last fall at A Tribe Called Quest where some girlfriends and I somehow ended up on stage....quite the different concert!)

The Greek Theatre


Baby Shower

Last weekend while my parents were in town, my wonderful friend Erika out here in San Ramon threw me a baby shower. Perhaps it was a little on the early side (6 months), but I was glad to be able to have it while my Mom was in town. I now wish I had taken more pictures, but here are some from the festivities. We got a lot of fun and things to take home with us. A big thank you goes out to everybody that came- it is so amazing to see how giving people are (because while making a list of baby purchases, every little bit helps!!)


Weekend Fun

This weekend my parents came out to visit. It is always fun to see them--and they are always up for anything. It was Fleet Week in the city, so we went and saw the Blue Angels' air show. It was amazing! I almost had a heart attack as one flew directly over our heads not more than 100 feet high.

We also went to the pumpkin patch...one of my favorite places to go in the fall! It reminded me of going to the pumpkin patch last year in Boston with Shane, Hannah and Sophia (niece)...it's always more fun to go with kids but I'm lucky that Derek entertained the idea with me :) We ended up with a great pumpkin...so those involved in our pumpkin carving contest, watch out!!