Our Baby turns One!

People always tell me how fast time flies, but I cannot believe that Jack is already one year old! Pretty soon he's going to be in nursery (I can't say that I'm not excited for that!) and getting involved in all sorts of sporting events.  This year since we had both sides of the family in town, we decided to have a low-key birthday with family only.  The Cowboys- Eagles game was background entertainment, and of course Jack was the main event.  His reaction to the cake wasn't exactly what we thought it'd be.  As soon he touched the frosting, it was like an electric current ran through his body and sent shivers all the way through.  ...you could say, he didn't exactly love it.  It still made for some good laughs and photo ops.   

He got plenty spoiled by all of his Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents- with lots of cool new toys and clothes to play with.  

Thank you to everybody who came- we were so glad to have family in town to celebrate with us- and we definitely missed those who couldn't be there! 

Until he turns two....


Christmas Festivities

Oh how I LOVE this time of year. I love everything about it- 


the smells of peppermint, pine, and cinnamon

Starbuck's Caramel Apple Cider

Holiday crowds

Holiday movies

Holiday lights (I wish people would leave them up all year-they are just so magical!)

and parties with friends.  
Here we are at Ryan and Erica's house (yes Erica had a baby just 2 months ago and looks amazing already!).  We had a PJ party....Derek and I don't own any Christmas PJs but we were envious of newlywed's NAte and Mia's matching reindeer pants!  We played Christmas scattergories and all went home with some random white elephant gifts (we ended up with a pooping penguin and "irresistibly chocolate" Axe body spray).  Notice we are baby free?  Thanks Bill and Nina for watching Jack!


I. Am. Sasha. Fierce.

I did it.  I went dark.  I don't really know what made me want to, or what inspired me, but I guess I was just sick of the bleaching and the roots.  I was going to go more of a chestnut, reddish-brown and came out with this.  I've gone dark once before, but it didn't last b/c the week after my family went to Hawaii and it immediately lightened up (even though it was overcast the whole time).  I'm liking it so far, and it does make me feel like a different person- kinda like Beyonce's Sasha Fierce persona.  So for now, Derek's goin' home with a brunette. 



Thanksgiving in Utah

....was so much fun!  My family all met in Utah- a good meeting spot since my parents are back East, Tyson and ourselves are in CA, and Shane and Dallin are in Provo.  It was so much fun having cold weather and getting to bundle up in winter clothes.  The kids all had so much fun together (unless of course they were hitting or stealing toys from each other). It was crazy at times- especially for us b/c Jack wanted so badly to keep up with the other kids, but he is at the 'victim' end of the group, so we have to keep a close eye on him.  

The first day we went to the Thanksgiving Point petting zoo.  It was Jack's first time- and he was in HEAVEN!  We couldn't wipe the smile off of his face as he got to interact with all of these furry creatures.  Best of all, he got to ride on a pony!

Here are the boys after a feisty Turkey Bowl game...

The Beautiful Table where we ate til we had to unbutton our pants...

After stuffing ourselves with a delicious meal, passed around the corn jar, and played a fun trivia game, the girls escaped to see TWILIGHT!  I was so excited, went into it expecting the worst, and came out loving it! I would completely see it again.  (I'm all talked out of it so I'll just leave it at that).


We also took a ride on the Heber Creeper.  During the Holidays, they turn the train into the North Pole- decked out with lights, holly, elves, hot chocolate, cookies, Mrs. Clause, storetime (The Polar Express of course), singing caroles, and of course a visit from Santa himself.  It was so much fun- we BARELY made it on time- but definitely worth the rush leading up to it. 




Happy Thanksgiving!

We're off to Utah for a fun-filled weekend with the fam.  May we all come back as fat and happy as this guy....


East Coast Lovin'

This past weekend Derek, Jack and myself went back East to visit family.  Our nephew, Sean, is a senior this year and a star football player so we just had to go see one of his games. It was Jack's first football game;  he got antsy during the last quarter, but was so stoked to go play on the field after it was over.  

We also hadn't been to New York in a while (I say a while but it's probably only been a year or two) so we were able to enjoy this time of year in the city.  Friday we took Jack for his first NYC experience- filled with the Subway, Central Park, Cafe Habana, Soho, Rockefeller Plaza, and had a Lily VanDerwoodsen sighting (she is just as gorgeous in real life w/o an ounce of make up on). 

*This guy was playing golf across the street with empty milk cartons- so classic!

They had two pets: Shadow the dog and Woody the cat.  Jack loved having some furry friends to harass (he especially loved pulling the cats tail!)

Jack also discovered this zylophone they had buried in a closet....I think we might have a musician on our hands. 

Our sister-in-law Chris is an amazing photographer and took some great photos of Jack for his (nearly) one year portraits.  I can't wait to get a couple of them in frames!  Here is a sneak peak of the shots: (not cropped or touched- just the raw image).  Thanks for such a fun weekend!