One Month Old!

Following in Daddy's footsteps

He sleeps cross-legged...so cute!

Well we did it- we survived the first month! Jack now weighs 9 lbs 3 oz and is 21" long. He is a great little eater and loves to be cuddled! In fact, he hates sleeping on his crib mattress (I think b/c it's flat) so for now he is sleeping in his bouncer seat in the crib. Whatever works, right? When he is awake he is as active as can be (the doctor says that is a sign of things to come-which doesn't surprise me if he takes after his parents!). He is such a joy and we're so lucky to have such a precious little guy. Some day he is going to hate all of the kisses we give him, so I'm taking advantage of it now.


Jack Attack

Per request of several family members, I am posting more pictures of Jack. He is a cute little 'stinkerpot' (as my mom used to call us) that due to sleepless nights and fussy outbursts, I am now trying to babywise. Tonight I'm moving Jack from him moses basket to his crib--big events going on around here! ....I'll let you know how it goes...

Jack with Grandma and Grandpa Simmons

Jack with Grandma Bills

First walk

Attempting Tummy Time

My own little Paddington Bear

Birthday Girl

After weeks of no sleep and blurred days, I have to hand it to my sweet husband to throw together a birthday soiree for me and make me feel so special. Yesterday was my birthday, and despite the fact that it crept up on us this year (...we have been a little busy...) Derek pulled out all the stops to make sure I was having a wonderful day. He knows that all it takes to make me happy is a card and some flowers, and he did just that and more! We celebrated with friends that night, and can I just say that it was some much needed social interaction. Thanks everybody for all of the phone calls, cards, and visits!

*the wax balloons were dripping onto his hand- ouch!


The Guessing Game

Jack has turned 2 weeks old today. It is so much fun to have him around the house- to constantly snuggle with and give kisses to. The weather has been crummy outside, so I'm excited for it to warm up and get sunny again so that I can take Jack out on more walks. We have had a lot of fun with visitors- my parents came to visit the day he was born and stayed for a few days and then Derek's parents came last night. It has been great having the extra help and the extra company. I've also had some great friends dropping by to visit and bring some yummy dinners- so thank you everybody!

I decided to post a picture of myself (ontop), Jack (middle) and Derek (bottom- sorry it's crooked) for you to see who Jack looks like. It is so early to tell and he changes every day, but it is fun to guess!


Introducing Jack Derek Simmons

After making the gametime decision to name the little guy (his birth certificate is finalized), we introduce to all of our family and friends Jack Derek Simmons. The newest member of our team was born on Friday December 28 at 9:50am, weighing in at a perfect 6 lbs. 12 oz and 20" tall. He is as healthy and happy as can be, and brings such a peaceful spirit into our home. Thank you to everybody for your comments and support- I'm sure we'll be reporting back for advice along the way!