My Little Brother Comes to Visit

This last weekend, my little brother Dallin came to visit. He just got back from his mission in Recife, Brazil and went straight out to BYU- so this was my first time seeing him in over 2 years. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very cooperative and rained most of the time, but I had a ton of fun just hanging out, catching up, and getting filled in on his fun college life. Jack loved meeting his Uncle Dallin and can't wait to see him again!

Braving the bad weather and walking to Fort Point

At Fort Point

Working up a sweat with Dance Dance Revolution

We all took turns at the Batting Cages- I love going there (even though I stand in line with the little 7 year old boys for the 35mph baseball pitch)

Bath time

Uncle Dallin and Jack


Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, me and the boys headed down to San Luis Obispo where we met up with some friends from Southern California. It was a last minute trip, and Jack's first big adventure. He was SUCH a good boy- I think he liked the extra company and a new place to explore. The men all got their fill of cold water surfing, while us girls and babies enjoyed some shopping, talking, and R&R. The town of San Luis Obispo is so cute with lots of shops (it was my first time down there) and good places to eat. Sunday we drove up the coast to Hearst Castle (an amazing piece of real estate to say the least) then met up with Kirk's sister Sami in Big Sur to hike to a waterfall. I was sad for the trip to end and get back to reality. We miss you guys already!

Trolley ride to downtown SLO

Not bad for a backyard pool huh?

My two boys exploring a cave

The bigger waterfall is somewhere behind us ...

The Gang: Sami, Dve and Bentley: Kirk and Chelsea; Mitch, Lindsey, Micah, and Kate (Lindsay's sister who is hiding); Simmons crew


The Changing Table

Last week Jack went through a 6 week growth spirt (and fussy period). Of course the peak of it came while Derek was out of town, but we have survived and he is back to his regular eating and sleeping pattern. We think he might have smiled at us once or twice, but to get him to really talk and smile, we just stick him on the changing table. He doesn't really like to hang out in his crib, and gets board of the family room, but stick him on the changing table, and he just wiggles and talks and smiles and even laughs. It is hilarious! So here is a picture of him on the table, and here is a picture of what he's looking at. I think he likes the ghetto colorful painting Derek got on his mission in the D.R., or maybe t is my attempt to make those Martha Stewart pom-poms.

P.S. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and were able to do something special. Derek surprised me and dropped me off at a spa for an hour to get a massage, while he took care of Jack. I couldn't have asked for anything better!!!....my back and shoulders are definitely thankful!


Good-bye Friends!

This past Thursday our close friends the Tanners moved down to Southern California. We have lived in the Bay Area for almost 2 years now (crazy!) and it was only recently that we have finally settled in. Thanks to new young couples in our ward, and getting introduced to others, we have a solid East Bay group. Below is picture of our Craft Night Wednesdays, where it's really more talk and less craft. We made these cute books- some will use it for addresses, recipes, or photographs.
And here is a picture of the gang... we'll miss you Brittany, Brandon and Jake!