Good-bye San Francisco

I think by now a lot of you have heard, but we have just moved down to Southern California...definitely a quick move! Derek got a job transfer/promotion and it has brought us back down South. For the time being, we are staying with Derek's parents in San Clemente until we figure things out. We will definitely miss San Francisco- it's beauty, the city and friends- but we are excited to be living back by the beach with family and friends. If you are going to be in the area- give us a call- we'd love to see you!


Guilty Pleasures

Lipstick Jungle

Everybody has them.  What's yours?



The grandkids together for the first time

This weekend Jack went on his first trip. I took Jack to Boston to go visit two of my brothers and their adorable families. Derek had to stay behind to take the GMAT so we ventured alone. Despite my nervousness for a full, long, overnight flight, Jack was a champ; He slept the whole time on the flight- both legs! We had so much fun walking around Cambridge, going to the mall and children's museums, but mostly just hanging out. All of the kids are so cute and full of life. I can't believe how much they've all grown. Sophia is such a performer and getting so smart, while Oliver and Landon learn new tricks and words every day. They all loved Baby Jack and were so good to him.

Oliver, Hannah, Jack, Sophia and Shane

The little stinkerpots in action

I can't believe we are all parents!  

Oliver was obsessed with baseball- and is such a great hitter!!  He looks like a mini Shane!

Ty was determined to get Landon to hit the ball; Landon's faces were priceless!

I love these shots; and notice Olivers Ruby Red Slippers with his Batman outfit!

Jack had a great time and misses everybody already!


Baby Blessing

It was a big weekend for us as we blessed Jack on Sunday. It was a beautiful blessing, Jack was awake and well-behaved, and we were grateful to have some of our friends participate as well. With family scattered all over the country, it's difficult to coordinate schedules, but we were thrilled that Derek's parents were able to take a break from their mission to be here for the weekend. After church we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk...as you can tell below Jack enjoyed it too.


More Visitors

Lucky for us, we have had lots of visitors lately! My oldest brother, Shane, came to visit last week just after Dallin left. He is in his last year at HBS, so the interview circuit brought him to the Bay area. I wish we had taken more pictures while he was here, but we did have a great time and enjoyed some beautiful weather! Hopefully a job will land him on the West Coast :)

Uncle Shane and Jack