Happy Birthday Derek!

Happy Birthday to the greatest man  know!  I wanted to show a few pics of Derek when he was younger to show what a cute, happy, courageous guy he was and still is.  We have had such a fun year- and I hope you get all you dream of and more!  I love you babe!  

Derek is a great sport because he has to share his birthday week with our anniversary for the rest of our lives.   I try and really separate the two, so this year we celebrated with friends last weekend.   It was a perfect day of hanging out at the beach and then chowing down at Pizza Port.  Thanks everybody for coming out to celebrate with us (I know some of you had a long drive) we had such a great time!

*It was the hottest day ever, and the no a/c factor made it so we never really cooled down
*Jack helping to blow out the candles
*Jack helping to eat the cupcakes
*Jack is so proud of his frosting mess


Happy Anniversary!!

Just 3 years ago, our life together began...

...what an exciting life it's been...

...and I love having my best friend along for the ride.  

Now with Jack in our lives, I couldn't be more in love with you!  

Thanks for asking me to marry you!   I love you babe!



2 more kicked off and once again, I totally agree.  Miami just doesn't have the technique, and Marquis doesn't have the personality.  The Twitchington duo is still my favorite ...and I  love that Celine Dion song they danced to (yes I do like Celine Dion).   I'm starting to like Courtney and Gev- they are good dancers with fun personalities.  Then the Will and Jessica combination is another one that's fun to watch.  

By the way, has anybody noticed that Cat has yet to actually say "judges"?  (or jidges for her)


Somebody's got the giggles!

So Jack has been giggling for the past few weeks, but it is hard to catch it on camera. Well, this time we did! Here's a peek at his favorite game of peek-a-boo!


Father's Day Weekend

In honor of all you fathers and future fathers, I hope you had a great weekend!  I for one am glad that Hallmark creates these holidays so that we can celebrate those we love.  To my own Dad, thank you for letting me be your little girl.  I am so lucky to have had such a dedicated, fun-loving father and am grateful for your example! 
 Thank you to my father-in-law for raising such an extraordinary man...my eternal companion; and for being such a great grandpa to Jack.  
And babe, what can I say?  You never cease to amaze me.  How did I wind up with such a smart, driven, hardworking, adventurous, incredibly good-looking man?  You have been an amazing father to Jack and cannot wait for all of the exciting things you can teach him as he gets older!  

Here are some pics from Father's Day:

Mmmmm.... Yummy!

Jack loves being on his stomach.  The second I put him down he flips over to see all the action....I know I'm in for it once he starts crawling around.  

On Saturday, our friends Ryan and Erica decided to have a BBQ at their beautiful new house and invite a bunch of our college friends and significant others over to celebrate new pregnancies, babies, and friendships.  Despite the heat, we had such a great time laughing, eating, and just hanging out.  Thanks you guys for showing us a good time!  Note that a lot of these pics came from our extremely talented friend Mike Cunningham!
The host and hostess

Mia and Nate

*Talk about product placement!


Who's your favorite?

Hooray for the top 20!!!   The first elimination of So You Think You Can Dance was last night, and I agree with the judges decision all the way.  (Although what's up with the Miami High School Teacher?!?)  So who was your favorite?  I am a fan of the 'Twitchington' combo.  I also think Will is an amazing dancer, as well as the salsa dancer Chelsie from Utah, and the contemporary dancer Kourtni.  Choreography-wise, I loved Mia Michael's Tim Burton Wedding dance.  The competition is fierce this year- it's going to be a great season!!!