Derek and I will be M.I.A. for almost 2 weeks.  

He will be going here:
doing this:
while I get to go home to here:
to see them:

and play all day long!


The Latest

We got to spend a few days with Jack's cousins on the Simmons side.  Paul, Derek's brother, brought his kids in town on their way to Mexico.  We had a blast hanging out, playing sports, shopping, and going to Jack's first Angel's game!

The boys playing basketball:

Jack's reaction to the dribbling ball:

Jack on the swingset for the first time:

The photofinish race:

Walk to San Clemente pier:

Hanging out on Del Mar Street:

Angel's Game!!!  ...and fun for me that they played the Orioles!  Jack was such a trooper-and of course he made friends with the people behind us.  He also dozed off for a little bit....I couldn't believe he could sleep with all that noise!

Jack is growing up so fast and is becoming quite the character!  He loves to be where the action is and show off when he can.  He has a face that is full of expression (which I love!) and can get us laughing all throughout the day. Here he is playing while I'm out washing the car: 

This is his latest "cheese" face/fake smile....it gets us rolling on the floor!  He knows the reaction it gets so he does it on command or just to appease us.  (It's even funnier in person!)


Summer Reading

If any of you have finished Breaking Dawn (I know everyone is reading it) and want a new summer read, I've got one for you.  Can You Keep A Secret is seriously one of the funnest books I've read yet.  It is one of those books that I hope turns into a movie! I also bought another book by the same author called Confessions of a Shopoholic.  I thought it was cute but expected it to be a bit funnier....especially after the first book I read.   I think I'll continue with the Shopoholic series and let you know how the rest of them are.  My next book is The Last Lecture....a break from the girly novel.  


7 months!

Jack is seven months and growing up so fast.  That kid has so much energy and is just the happiest little guy!  He has been rolling and scooting for a while now, but he is now getting up on all fours.  He crawls backwards way better than forwards...so baby proofing is well on its way. 

*check out his sweet farmers tan
*I love his face here!

Jack is also loving to make these spit noises....as well as 'other noises' by blowing on your arm/leg.  Best of all, he thinks he's being sooo funny.  I have a video clip of him, but it's not posting so I'll add it later. 

Last weekend we had our friends Trent and Brooke's wedding.  They both looked so happy, and it was fun meeting up with old friends.  ....Bart and Meriel....we miss you already!

I also threw one of my best friends, Erica, a baby shower!  She is due in October and is having a little girl.  She looks so great and it was certainly fun trying to buy a present for a girl.