Blog Stalking

Okay.  So everybody does it.  If nothing else, it is extremely entertaining...especially when you find an article like the one below (btw- it's being written by a girl-who will remain anonymous for privacy and embarrassment on my end). Read it.  The last line of the 'pick up conversation' is the best...Dallin, if this ever happens to you, use it.  
How to get picked up on in a gym.

This past weekend while I was at the gym with my boo, I was minding my own business struting my stuff on the elliptical. I don't even think I had make up on, and I was more than likely sweating. Very attractive I might add. I had my InTouch magazine with me just in case I got super bored watching VH1 reality shows. Then all the sudden a guy comes up to the Eliptical next to me, and leans over to get my attention. 
He asks "Can I read this"?

I was a lil bugged out.. and said.. "Ugh I guess so, as long as you bring it back!"
Douche: "Actually, I just thought you were cute, and wanted to come say hi."
L: "Well thank you, but thats my boyfriend over there.. (pointing to the biggest guy in the gym, which of course is Brad) "
Then he comes up with a line to redeem himself..
D: "Thats okay, my boyfriend is right over there too."

REALLY? Who honestly picks up on people at the gym? I admit every now and then (before I had a boyfriend) ;) I would check guys out randomly. But I would never try and flirt or hit on them. Also.. Who gets all pretty to go to the gym?! As I was walking out one day, a girl had her hair did all curly, make up on, and a cute lil outfit. I admit, I still try and wear a cute outfit to the gym.. but I rarely wear makeup and my hair is always up in a ponytail. The gym is the last place I want to impress someone. 


Birthday Week

My Dad had business in San Diego and so my Mom got to tag along for the ride....and lucky me since we got to celebrate both of our birthdays together!  (she's the 20th and I'm the 21st....on purpose....so we didn't ever have to share a birthday).   We kept the week busy and full of fun- shopping, going to lunch, going to the design district in Cardiff, beach outings, and just hanging out.  Here we are in Del Mar for a picnic.  It ended up being quite a bit cooler than we thought, but I was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, so who am I to complain?!?

Jack's tube stance
Little Buddies
Landon running down the hill- so funny!
A choo-choo train just passed!

Jack stoked to be playing at the beach 
The girls

Our little beach bum up to no good
Tuesday night we all went out to dinner for both mine and my mom's birthdays.  We left the kids behind with a babysitter and went to Jake's in Del Mar.  It was absolutely delicious and lots of fun to hang out with the family sans kids.  

For my birthday, Derek made me breakfast in bed and then my mom came over with balloons and flowers.  We then went to the UTC with Kathy and Landon for lunch and after I got to get my haircut!
Jack was LOVING the balloons (and still is)
That night, my mom watched Jack again so Derek and I could go out to sushi.  It was so nice to have a date night with just the two of us.  Then we rented MamaMia (my birthday=my pick) and got some ice cream.  What a great day- thanks everybody!
My Dad had Friday off, so we decided to take Jack and check out the LaJolla aquarium.  He had fun looking at the fishes (but he almost like looking at the people more!)

Giving Grandpa loves

That night, we went up to San Clemente to have a kid-free birthday party.  We all met up at the Pizza Port and then filed on over to Derek's parents house to party like "Rock Stars". Tyson brought over his Guitar Hero World Tour as the main event- and there were some hilarious band moments.  Thank you to EVERYBODY for coming (some it was quite the drive) and for making my 26th birthday so much fun!!!!


Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Mom in the world!  I am so lucky to have you as a Mom- you are the perfect example of what it truly means to be a friend and a Mom- so incredibly selfless, devoted to your church callings, creative, talented, loving, never complaining, always going with the flow, optimistic, and always putting your children and husband first.  I love you and am so glad that we get to celebrate your special birthday 'week' with you!  

*she's rocking the Bella tattoo!


*my beautiful Mom as a High School senior


Fun, fun, and more fun

Despite Derek's busy schedule these days, we have been able to have a lot of fun!  Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and reached 81 degrees!  Jack and I spent almost the entire day outside going on walks and playing at the park with friends, and having a sunset picnic.  

This past weekend we gathered a crew together to go out without the kids.  We had a fun night with the Bills, Smarts and Evans going to a restaurant/bar in La Jolla.  It was nice to go somewhere and not feel like a mom for an evening.  The night before we hung out with more friends and rocked out to Guitar Hero World Tour at Ty and Kathy's (always a fun game!) Bring on more fun! 

*Thanks Kathy for the pics!


He's Walking!

It has only been a matter of time until Jack would realize that he could walk.  It was seriously overnight that it started happening....one day he took 10 steps, and then next he never stopped.  His was so proud of himself- and still is- when he walks to Mom or Dad.  I am loving this new phase of life- we can enjoy the playground more- and he is just more fun than I could have ever imagined!  I love my job!

Here we are at Del Mar Beach- it was so beautiful this weekend- in the 70s!

After...he's still a bit wobbly....especially on a grassy incline

Here he is with Gunther the Giraffe....one of his favorite toys and friends....thanks to cousins Oliver and Sophia!


Happy New Year!!

Life the past two weeks has been craz-y.  We've had family in town (both sides), birthdays, Christmas, shopping, weddings, and always lots of fun.  I have a ton of pictures to catch up on-so sorry for the lengthy post. 

Here is Jack's first time on Santa's lap.  It was just before nap time, and Santa was a bit creepy, but he was a pretty good sport (wiggly, but good).  

Once the whole family was in town (actually Mom and Dad met us straight from the airport- what troopers!) we went to Disneyland to celebrate all the kids' birthdays.  Sophia and Jack shared a birthday on the 28th, so we went more for Sophia.  Then Landon waited to go with everyone else (his birthday was in November).  It was so fun to see the kids' reactions on the rides and to all the different characters!  They were such troopers all day!  

The park was full of Christmas decorations- and I am always amazed by how clean it is and how cute the downtown is.  It truly is such a magical place!

First ride of the day:  Mr. Toads Wild Ride.....It was quite the psychedelic ride, and I was glad I didn't eat a funnel cake before.  Nevertheless, Jack liked it!

Here we are on "It's a Small World"...much more mellow ....Jack was mezmorized!

Here we are about to go on Pirates- the kids were all so brave.  Jack especially loved the hologram Davey Jones.  

Near the end of the day, we took the kids to get pictures with the Disney characters- (princesses for Sophia, and Minnie/Goofy for the rest of the gang).  Jack LOVED Goofy- he was making him laugh so hard!  

We spent Christmas Eve with my family and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Kathy and my attempt at the table set up.

We then did a quick live nativity followed by a talent show.  The kids showed off their many moves and skills-  Landon did somersaults (joined by Oliver),   

Sophia recited a memorized poem,

Here is Jack doing what he does best- climbing and standing.  That kid has no fear.  Once again, Oliver joins in.  He (and we) loved having cousins around!

Christmas morning mayhem....I couldn't even get a clear shot. 

Christmas day we drove up to Big Bear to meet up with Derek's family.  Jack got loads of attention since he was the only grandkid there.  

It was so fun to be in the snow on Christmas day....and it sure was cold and blustery outside!  Derek and I were able to get some skiing/snowboarding time in....and Jack had his first experience with snow!

Thank you to everybody for making this Christmas so memorable!  We miss everyone already!