Happy Happy Joy Joy

This past week my parents have been in town visiting for their annual Newport Beach trip.  I look forward to this every year and usually stay with them for a few nights....I just love it up there! It was beautiful weather for all of my favorite things....running in Corona Del Mar and Newport, biking the Newport boardwalk, shopping at Fashion Island, hot tub sessions, and hanging out in Laguna.  Perhaps my favorite thing about Newport are the A-MAZINGLY delicious almond twists from Pain du Monde.  They are devilishly good- I just can't get enough of them.  They have stores on Main Street in Balboa, in Corona Del Mar, and at Fashion Island.  So if you're in the area- they are definitely worth the stop! Even though those places aren't too far away from us in Carlsbad, it's not like we get to enjoy it all that much.  

Riding Tandem....
much easier with my Dad whereas the first time I did it with my roommate in college and we nearly crashed a billion times!

Main Beach in Laguna

Jack had a blast hanging out with his Grandparents and was a great sleeper at the hotel.  

As always he was such a goof ball, and is even more of a chatter box than before.  
(He had this thing here everything was a stool to him)

He even started saying "Hi" and says "mama" almost as much as "dada"(yes!).   
(Here is playing with a real phone for the first time)

He also tries mimicking tons of other words- I just love his effort and love this time that he's learning and growing SO much.  We missed derek the two nights we were away, so it was fun to come home on Friday and just hang out as a family.  

On Saturday my Mom drove down to Carlsbad and we enjoyed the GREAT weather with some walks, Red Mango, and hung out at the beach for a bit.  Hopefully this warm weather is here to stay!


Another great weekend!

We had another great weekend filled with family and friends.  It started out on a sad note with Jack's first fat lip.  He tripped and fell into the corner of a wooden chair....resulting in a bloody mouth and fat lip.  So sad!
But things brightened up as we got a babysitter Thursday night for a movie premier of "A Fly in the Champagne"....documentary about the Slater vs Irons rivalry.  Of course I forgot my camera, but we saw Sal Masekela and Andy Irons as well as scored some free Chipotle chips and guacamole and a free Chipotle burrito.  We had fun hanging out with friends sans Jack to kick off the weekend.  

Friday night we drove up to San Clemente to celebrate our friend's Kirk Schilling's 30th birthday at Pizza Port.  After we hung out with the Lundquists to check out their gorgeous new pad in Talega.  
Kirk and Chelsea
The Lundquists and the Simmons

We stayed the night at Derek's parents so that Derek could go surfing in the morning, (I had intentions of going running but was too tired) and hit up I Love Bagels.  We then drove up to Newport to meet my parents (and Ty and Kathy) who are in town for the week.  Derek had an appointment up in L.A. so Jack and I hung out with everyone with a boat ride around the harbor and strolling Fashion Island.  I love it up there and am excited to go stay up there this week for a few nights!

Mommy and Jack

Dad, Kathy, Landon, and cousin Matt
Did you know they filmed Gilligan's Island here??

Jack as co-captain

Sunday my parents came down to our ward, had the Bills favorite meal of mashed potatoes and roast beef, and then took the kids on a wagon ride down to the beach. It was a bit chilly and Jack wanted more than anything to run around, play in the sane and the water, so we can't wait for some warmer days!

Going on a wagon ride....just the boys

Our sweet little family

My mom and I

Dad being goofy with a crab found on the beach

Fathers and sons

so precious


Boys vs Girls

This past weekend Derek had a guys weekend (we celebrated Valentine's day the weekend before with a romantic dinner at George's in La Jolla and then saw He's Just Not That Into You...which I liked).  Even though Derek was off having fun, that wouldn't stop me! 

 Earlier that week, some girls in the ward got together to make Valentine's.  It was a nice change from seeing a movie so that we were able to talk more- I felt like I was laughing the whole time thanks to Erin :)  

Thursday night I rented House Bunny....which I love cheesy movies but couldn't even finish this one!  I was not a fan. 

Friday night my sweet in-laws came to watch Jack so that I could get some 'time off'.  I went over to the Smart's house and went to dinner with Ryan and Erica.  It's always so fun to hang out kid-free and just laugh and have a good time!  Later, Mia met up, and us girls went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic.   I had read the book, and loved the movie much more.  It actually makes me excited for the sequels (which hopefully they do).  Definitely a GIRLS only flick! 

Saturday after going to the gym and other errands, I met up with Ryan, Erica, Camryn and Mia again to get some frozen yogurt, walk around Solano beach, and let Jack run at the playground.  It was a bit chilly but fun to see everybody so much!  Boys weekend concluded Sunday afternoon, and apparantly they only got one picture to prove it (which I don't have).  My little brother Dallin came over for dinner and games and all the boys passed out early from their weekend of non-stop sports and playing.  Glad they had fun!



I don't know if any of you watch "The City" but the "villain" character- as one friend put it a cross between Blair Waldorf and Heidi Montag- but I think MUCH worse-is Olivia Palmero.  I'm hoping that she is playing up her character to produce some drama on the show, b/c I don't know who could be so rude!  .....and she prides herself on good manners....  I'm just waiting for an episode where Whitney puts her in her place.  


Feelin' a little Crafty.....

A couple of months ago I saw some screen prints at Anthropologie that were $104 each! 

 As cute as they were, I thought I could figure out a way to make them myself.  Months have gone by because I haven't had any desire to be crafty- until lately.  So I went to Michael's and gathered my supplies, and a few naptimes later....


I obviously put my own spin on them to match Jack's room colors.  I've also made yet another attempt to continue my Paris Study Abroad scrapbook.  It has been 5 years since the amazing experience....but I guess it's better late than never!  Those photos will probably never be blogged- you'll just have to come see them for yourself!  ...now it's off to work on my talk I'm giving on Sunday....delaying the inevitable...


We Love Saturdays!

This is the first Saturday in a while that his has really felt like a Saturday for the whole family- and I couldn't think of a more perfect day!!!  In the morning we went for a hike back by our house- Derek wanted to explore some trails for his mountain bike.  It was 75 degrees outside and we all got some much needed sun on our pasty skin!  Jack loved it- he loves anything outdoors- but especially loved when we let him out to play in the dirt!  

Then we decided to take a trip to downtown San Diego.  We went to Seaport Village- a definite tourist trap (which is probably why I'd been there before and Derek hadn't). 

 It was beautiful and gave us a chance to look at the boats, play at the park, and people watch.  

*here's Jack trying to climb on the only thing at the park.  We have quite the monkey on our hands!

I just love my little family and love spending days like that with them!