As I grow older and more senile, I thought it would be a good idea to start making 'lists' of things I've done in my life (especially since this will be printed and published for my posterity to laugh at in the future).  And having just reached a milestone in my book....ahem....attending the Britney concert, I thought it'd only be appropriate to begin by listing concerts I've attended thus far.  Music and performances have and always will be a part of my life- I love the venues, the atmosphere, the energy, the company, and of course the 'show'.  While I may not have quite the list as many of my friends, I am pleased of what I do...not proud of everyone but some I couldn't control.... and can't wait to accumulate more!  (why do I feel like I am about to confess what boys I've kissed in my past?)

Palais Garnier, Paris                                                Greek Theater UC Berkeley

I'll try to order them oldest to latest....and I'm not naming performances I've been in....

- Phantom of the Opera
- Cats
- Beauty and the Beast
- Les Miserables
- Starlight Express
- Remembering Buddy Holly
- Riverdance (twice)
- The Nutcracker
- SugaRay
- Dave Matthews (twice)
- O.A.R.
- N'Sync
- Guys and Dolls
- John Mayer with Counting Crows
- Madonna (twice)
- Matt Nathanson
- Maroon 5
- Romeo and Juliet
- SheDaisy
- Beach Boys
- Peter Brienholt
- Dolly Parton
- Don Quixote
- Gwen Stefani with MIA
- Clark's brother's band
- Jurassic 5
- Tribe Called Quest
- Kaskade
- Jersey Boys
- The Shins
- Britney Spears


Welcome to the Circus

I have been a Britney fan since day one.  I've listened to all of her albums, copied her dance moves, and even met her during Sundance one year (which was a HUGE highlight in my college career).  However, I've never been to one of her concerts.  So I was elated when Derek bought me tickets for Christmas to see her in Anaheim.  After waiting four months to see the show, I finally got to go this past Monday.  Luckily I was able to get some of my girls to come with me.  We had SO much fun!  We met up for dinner beforehand....and unfortunately missed the Pussycat Dolls (don't even get me started)....but that wasn't going to ruin our night.  

Perez Hilton did this video introduction, dressed up as a queen, introducing everyone to the cirus.....and then Britney stepped out as the Master of Ceremonies.   She had tons of acrobats and cirque du soleil type entertainment.  

We sat up high in the stands, but luckily we were right above a doorway so nobody was in front of us.  All four sides of the stadium were utilized as the stage was set up as a circus ring.  While it would have been cool to see her facial expressions and whatnot, the performance was just as great from our birdseye view

We were up dancing the whole time, so we took a break during her "Everytime" ballad.   She played all of her big hits- new and old!  It felt good to not be a mom for a night!

Her back-up dancers were amazing!  Here was one of the MANY costume changes....a Baliwood style "Me Against the Music"  

After nearly 2 hours of nonstop entertainment, she finished off the night with Womanizer.  I would DEFINITELY pay to see her again! I'd say Britney's back!


Hawaii '09

We got back from Hawaii a few days ago, and I think we are all still having withdrawals.  It was a great trip, with lots of memories and lots of adventures (so sorry for the picture overload).  We spent the first half of the trip with Derek's family (we missed those of you who couldn't make it!) and the second half of the trip cruising with the three of us.  

This was my 4th time on Kauai, but my first staying up on the North Shore.  We stayed up in Princeville at the Hanalei Bay Resort.  

Unfortunately, it rained pretty much solid for the first few days.  However, we were on vacation and that was not going to get in our way.  Derek went paddle boarding, we played tennis during a brief sun period, and we even braved the beach in the rain.  I figured this was my one chance to try long boarding since we wouldn't have anyone to watch Jack once the rest of the family was gone, so I took advantage.   I hadn't been on a surfboard since I was 10 years old, but Derek was a great coach!  I had a blast and am now hoping to finagle a wetsuit and long board so we can go out together.  Imagine if it had been warm and sunny instead of cold and rainy....I probably would have never gotten out of the water.  Now I can see why Derek's morning surf sessions can turn into all day!  (but that still doesn't excuse it).

We also were able to go on a Kayak / hiking tour up the Wailua River.  I had gone with my family years ago and enjoyed it much better this time around.  My arms didn't get tired from rowing, and I was really interested in what the tour guide had to say.  The trail was incredibly muddy from all of the rain....we were slipping and sliding all over the place!

The "secret waterfall".  I swam under it years ago, so Derek and Sean went ahead and did it this time (they are on the left).  Notice the scale of that thing!  

We went out to dinner just a handful of times.....and that was due to our wiggle monster.  We have officially become the couple that can't take their kid out to sit-down restaurants.  He is just too active.  Hopefully this time will pass.  We did, however, enjoy the restaurants we were able to go to.  Here is a shot of us at Lemongrass in Kapa'a.

Saturday the sun popped out a bit here and there, so we decided to head down to the South Shore to hang out.  We had heard about some rope swing down at Kipu Falls, so after driving around in circles we finally found it.  It was about a half mile hike down to the falls (muddy and tons of mosquitos) but we found it, and the boys had a blast jumping off the swing and Derek even jumped off the waterfall itself.  Unfortunately, Jack was being too wiggly and there was no place for me to set him down, so we had to head back to the car.  

We then found a beach to hang out at in Poipu where we all stripped down to our bathing suits in attempt to get some color.  There were some chocolate labs down there, which Jack LOVED!  The youngest puppy was so hyper and kept licking Jack's face and knocking him over...Jack just thought it was hilarious!  

The next day was Easter Sunday, of course the sunniest and most beautiful day thus far.  As mentioned in the previous post, we dyed Easter eggs, went to church, and enjoyed a delicious Easter brunch at Gaylord's down in Poipu.  We went back to the hotel for a few hours and just hung out by the pool talking and enjoying the sunshine.  

Everybody went home that evening, so the next few days it was just the three of us.  We did a lot of exploring and hanging out at different beaches....and lucky for us the weather was a-mazing.  


Some falls and a cave right before you get to the start of the NaPali Coast hike
Beautiful rainbow over Hanalei Bay

Tunnels Beach....
we went here a few times to hang out.  It was a great snorkeling spot, great beach for Jack with the reef, and a good surf break for Derek.


We had to hit up Bubba Burgers...a tradition.  
It has good burgers, not so great fries, but easy with Jack.

Pine Trees...
We saw Bethany Hamilton surfing here (she's pictured as the girl on the right), Alana Blanchard, as well as Bruce Irons out in the parking lot.  I guess it's the hot spot to be.

One day we went back down to Poipu to hang out.  We stopped off at the Spouting Horn to stretch our legs, check a surf spot, and let Jack chase some roosters (they were EVERYWHERE!)

We then hung out at Poipu state beach for a bit.  Of course Jack tried to make friends with everyone us....too bad the tourists weren't having it, but the local girls were ;)

Shipwreck's Beach....
Another stop in Poipu.  This beach had  cool rock jump, some good waves for Derek, and some more fun locals for Jack to play with.

We stopped off at the Lihue Marriott on our say back, where I have stayed in the past.  Here's a view from a portion of a walk I loved doing.

Perhaps my favorite thing we did on the trip was hike down to this naturally beautiful 'pool' called Queens Bath.  You hike past a waterfall, 

then along a lava rock cliff, 

and stumble upon THIS! 

It is breathtaking!  When the surf is small and tide is low, you can get in and swim around.  Derek and I took turns going for a dip.  
Derek was a little skeptical at first b/c there was tons of fish swimming around.

Notice the scale of it

My turn

Meanwhile, we held Jack and then let him play in his own little pool.

We went here the last day.  It took was a great beach for Jack...a great reef area to look for shells, coral, and rocks.  The waves finally picked up this last day so Derek couldn't be happier!

Mmmmm....tasty sand....


We went to Duke's for our last dinner, right before getting on the plane.  Jack was such a trooper on both night flights....but I don't expect anything less because he is always a trooper.  All in all it was a GREAT trip and am so grateful for all of the memories!