Memorial Day Weekend '09

Derek and I decided at the last minute that we wanted to get away and do something spontaneous....so we drove to Utah.  After an 11 hour drive (having a toddler will make it longer!) and a broken air conditioner through 99 degree desert heat, we finally made it.  We stayed with my brother and his family in  Provo and had an absolute blast!  We couldn't have asked for better weather too.  Hannah and I went on a couple of runs up the canyon to prep for our half marathon in 2 weeks....and that run brought back so many memories of roller blading, biking, and running back in college.  We also made sure to hit up Cafe Rio, Bajio, the bookstore for choc. covered gummi bears and Crest for Diet Coke.  Jack had SO much fun playing with his cousins- and I think the feeling was mutual.  It's crazy how much he learns when he's around older kids 24/7!

Here are some random pictures just goofing around

Oliver showing off his muscles

Such a diva

Jack kept sneaking off and playing with Sophia's dollhouse...so funny!

Friday we took the kids to the park while Shane and Derek played golf, then met us at the Duck pond (where Sophia picked up a duck- she's fearless!) Unfortunately Dallin sprained his elbow- and was leaving for D.C. the next day, so he couldn't do much.  But that night we kicked the weekend with a bbq up at Squaw Peak.  The view was unreal and the perfect evening activity.

Jack ate at least 10 graham crackers that night!

...the wind shifted directions...

Dallin and his sprained elbow

The grass tickled Jack's legs so he snuggled up with his Aunt Hannah

Roasting his first marshmallow

On Saturday we went to my good friend Meriel's parent's house up in Huntsville with everybody.  It was definitely worth the drive- we had so much fun!  I have seen pictures of the house, but it is even more beautiful in person. 

The two "meme's"

We had endless activities to enjoy- as well as Laurel's kids to play with!  

Sophia and Avery exploring

Oliver and Jack cruising for chicks.....  I just got a flashforward when they are teenagers- watch out ladies!

First four-wheeling ride.....memories from when we had a four wheeler...miss that!

They live on a lake and have 2 seadoos to play with.  The boys went wake skating, and then later Hannah and I took the seadoos for a spin.  We also braved the double-tube....with Bart and Derek in control (not a good combination!).  They eventually bucked us off (well me first- and succeeded b/c I flew off and under the raft, with my suit down at my ankles) and we had an absolute blast!  

The slide at the pool was a big hit....but Derek didn't realize it was made for kids....

We realized that Jack had never been 'dunked' and decided it was time.  I was super nervous so made Derek do it....and Jack couldn't have loved it more!  (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing).  But everytime he came up, he had this HUGE smile on his face but his eyes were still closed.  So cute!

We were all pooped at the end of the day....the kids all fell asleep in the car ride home!  Thanks everyone for having us!

Sunday after church and naps, we went up to Park City and visited our friends Grand Opening of their store Prospect on Main Street.  It has great accessories for men and women, sweet tunes, and some old school games to play in the back.

Monday after a long run and a trip to Bridal Veil Falls, we took the kids to Thanksgiving Point while the boys golfed.  Jack always loves animals and all things furry.  There was this baby calf who was hilarious....it kept licking the kids heads and eating their clothes!

Love this shot

Two little rascals

My silly neice Sophia and I

That night we got a babysitter and headed to some new lounge near center street in Provo and enjoy Mango Mojitos and "Pinot Noir". It was surprisingly a cool atmosphere so def check it out. 

Tuesday we headed to the splash park to get our wiggles out and grabbed Cafe Rio before our long drive home.  We had so much fun hanging out with everyone.  Thanks Shane and Hannah for a memorable Memorial Weekend!


Why don't all toilets reinvent themselves?


So I saw this invention on Design Milk, and had to mention it.  If any of you are like me, public restrooms gross me out.  If I don't hover, I have layers of the toilet tissue below me.  Then when it comes time to flushing, I never use my hands, and always my foot.  Perhaps that's too bad for the next lady to follow, but I'm looking out for myself. 

Lorenzo Buffa, Christina Zapata and Teagan Ruane have come up with a concept called StepFlush to avoid using your hands to flush public toilets.    Ah....I love people who are changing the little things in the world ...one flush at a time! (sorry I couldn't help myself)



**I have actually used something similar before-I just can't remember where I was-it must have been a different country-but I remember loving it!


Chloe Isabella Bills

We have another niece- and boy is she darling!  My brother Tyson and his wife Kathy welcomed their second child a week ago.  I have seen her a few times and already feel so much love for the precious little girl.  It's so amazing how little they are and what sweet spirits they radiate.  Landon seems to be doing great as a new big brother, and Jack hasn't seemed to notice the new cousin much yet....he probably just can't wait to steal her toys.


Mommy's Weekend

I felt like the entire last weekend was one big wonderful mother's day!  To start things off, Derek's parents watched Jack on Friday morning so that I could get my hair done (yes, I am blonde again, and couldn't wait).  It's always nice to have a little break and get pampered.  Before we drove home, I got to cut some roses off of their beautiful rose bushes, and they looked and smelled beautiful!!!

Saturday we woke up and Derek surprised me with a new breakfast place- the Potato  Shack Cafe.  They are known for their ENORMOUSLY large pancakes and fun mix-ins.  It was delicious!  I shared my apple-cinnamon pancake with Jack, and we still only ate half.  But it made for great leftovers on Sunday :)   After naps and a quick trip to the gym, we ran a few mother's day errands, and then enjoyed the afternoon in La Jolla.  It was pretty overcast, but perfect for walking around.  Jack saw seals for the first time, but he kept calling them 'doggies'.  We ordered in Chinese food and just relaxed with a movie...my choice...."Sydney White" (totally cheesy but fun with Amanda Bynes).  

Of course Jack couldn't resist climbing on these gnarly tree trunks!


I woke up to a delicious breakfast, some fun cards, and gift certificates to get lunch and my nails done in Rancho Santa Fe with one of my best friends!  (now I just have to cash that in!).  At church on Sunday Derek mostly watched Jack and I even got to forego primary and attend Relief Society- who knew I'd be so excited to do that!  We then drove to San Clemente and enjoyed a Cafe Rio feast and relaxed in the nice weather. 

Thanks sweethearts for making me feel so special!


My Brother's Come to Visit!

It's been a while since all 4 siblings had been together, and it just so happened that my two other brothers who currently live in Utah, could come hang out for a few days at the same time!  It was a lot of fun seeing them and having some more buddies to hang out with during the daytime. 

Of course we had to hit up swami's on Saturday morning!

We had great weather so the boys were all able to do their guy thing- play volleyball, homerun derby, hot tub sessions and surfing.  

Dallin stayed a few extra days with us, so it was fun getting to do my daily routine with him....and I think we went to the beach every day!  Here we are at night playing a little DDR.

It was great seeing everybody and can't wait til everyone comes again in June!