Happy Birthday Derek!

This week has been a busy one.....Father's Day, Anniversary, and Derek's Birthday. We loved staying so busy with lots of fun things to do.

Here are some pictures from Father's Day that I forgot to add....

*perfect father's day to derek....D.C. in hand watching fuel

Derek's Birthday was on Thursday, so he took a half day from work so that he and I could hang out. We went up to San Clemente, dropped Jack off, and I let him choose what his day would entail. So, we played golf. It was a beautiful day, and was my second time out, and we had a blast! (partly b/c we had an entertaining twosome with us). We then went out to dinner with Jack, his parents, and his brother/girlfriend. We went to Javier's...one of our favorites, and then to Year One afterwards.
*trying to sneak a picture w/o being distracting....

Friday night we partied some more at the Del Mar fair with some friends to listen to Switchfoot and act like teenagers by riding on a crazy 'throw-up' ride. Man we are getting old, but it felt good to be out with friends having a good time.

Saturday, the celebration continued with friends and a party at the beach. The weather was PERFECT and boys were able to go surf together. We all brought our kids- who for the most part played really well together. If it weren't for dinner time, we probably would have stayed until bedtime because it was just so nice outside. It was the first real beach-Saturday of the summer, and I can't wait for more. We grabbed a bite to eat afterwards and then everybody went home and I'm sure crashed like we did.

Happy Birthday week sweetheart! I sure hope you felt special! And thanks to everybody who helped participate (and watch Jack!).


Happy 4 Years to us!

Yesterday was our anniversary and I had to post this picture from our 'honeymoon'. This is actually the day after we got married....we missed our flight (not our fault- we were at the airport on time, but kept getting switched to different lines) and ended up spending the next day with our two families. We actually loved it and the timing worked out b/c it was Derek's birthday. That way we had people to celebrate with and we didn't have to be stuck on an airplane. Instead, we enjoyed a yummy crab feast in Annapolis with my family/extended family and then went to CPK with Derek's family/friends.

Unfortunately, this year both Derek and I are sick. We have the flu. He got it on Father's day (he thinks he picked it up from the airplane) and I started feeling it yesterday. We still celebrated by trying to re-create our first date....but who knew that all driving ranges are closed Wednesday evenings around here? We had fun just being together, eating spicy Thai food, and watched a cute Romantic Comedy. Thanks sweetheart for being my best friend and always making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!


Happy Dad's Day!

To a guy who has done so much for our little family and our sweet little guy...... The past 18 months has been a whirlwind from poopy diapers to taking first steps to moving (twice) and many trips. It has been an adventure and Jack is so lucky to have you guide him through life. Here's a look back to a few moments in fatherhood:

You've introduced Jack to many things....
First Swim ; First Dunk

First Horseyride ; First Hike

First baseball game ; First football game

First Bonfire
.......and many many more.

You've opened his eyes to many new places......
San Francisco ; Big Sur

Costa Rica ; New York
Disneyland ; Big Bear
Utah ; Hawaii

...just to name a few.

Not only are you the best Dad to Jack and the best Husband to me, you are the best Uncle to your nieces and nephews........

You are such a fun Dad,

And ever so caring,

And hope you feel special on your special day! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Half Marathon/ Girl's Weekend

I just finished my first half marathon.  My sister in law Hannah and I have been training for it (not together though b/c she lives in Utah) and she did the SLC half a few weeks ago in preparation for this one.  It is called the Valley Crest Half Marathon and it was in the hills of Malibu.  It was a trail run up and down mountains...it was KILLER!  Seriously, it was either up or down- never flat.  Nobody could have prepared me for it.  I feel I'm in shape, and have been running alot, but the longest I ran was 8 miles (3 times).  I obviously should have trained more, but even Hannah said this race was more like running 20+ miles on flat terrain.  But the views were beautiful and company better.  It was so fun to be in the race atmosphere and have that sense of accomplishment.  

We decided to make a weekend of it and drive up Saturday morning- just the two of us- stay the night and then do the race the next day.  Unfortunately, neither of us brought our camera to document the trip....I just think we were too excited to get out sans kids!  So here's an overview of our fun-filled day (thanks Shane for being our travel agent).  After a pit stop to grab some D. Cokes, we went straight to Malibu to drive around and walk along the beaches.  Unfortunately it was cold and overcast, but it was still SO beautiful.  We then went to Abbot Kinney Road to walk around the shops and ate at the best sandwich shop called Abbot Habit.  After doing a drive-by through Venice Beach (entertaining but dirty) we went to the beach in SAnta Monica to relax and read some trashy magazines.  Of course we picked a spot on the beach far away from any kids so we wouldn't feel guilty or sad.  We then went back to Shane's friend's apartment to change (lucky for us he was out of town and let us stay there!) and headed back out.  We drove down Sunset through Beverly Hills (beautiful!) and headed to the Grove.  We then went to the Arclight (the BEST theater ever!) and watched AWAY WE GO.  SUCH a cute movie- hilarious supporting characters, great one-liners, and a great message!  We then crashed early (or tried to but we were so anxious for the next day!) and got up early to get on our way.  

I am super sore and super tired, but it was ALL worth it!  A huge thanks to Derek for happily taking Jack for the weekend and encouraging me to just enjoy myself, have fun, and make him proud in the race.  



Parents....Lock up your children.


Ode to Paris

Lately I have not been able to stop thinking about Paris.  Perhaps it was my friend Kirby's Ody to Paris blogpost, or the books I've been reading (A Year in the Merde and C'est La Vie- Paris girls, you'd love!) or maybe I just have the travel bug (Mia's living that one out for me!).  Whatever the case, I thought I'd shed a little light on my semester abroad in Paris.  

Paris to me is.....


fresh bread;  Coke Light

Georges Pomidou Centre (right across from school)

Monet (the gardens and his magnificent paintings);  Funny statues;  Street Performers

the Metro and other public transit; clever metro stations

Scarves; Photography; The Performing Arts

Gilded ceilings

bien-etre.....french way of living all things in moderation (and being thin)
Montmarte; Fountain show at VersaillesWalking, walking and more walking (what could be better?!);  Exploring; Architecture

Paris Walks

Gypsies; Romance
The incredible doors

"Logan's starting to look really good right now" -Dr. Dursteler; "ooh...oh Hugh!"; "Incroyable"
Getting blown over in the Black Forest;  Smart Cars;  "It smells amazing down here" -Kirby;  "Do you speak American?";  Josh "the model" (we were all a little desperate);  Flamant Interiors (the best home decor shop!);  Croissy-Sur-Seine:  living in the 'giant roof', carrying groceries for miles, and Star Academy
 Chic and shopping....oh the shopping!!!

jumping on and touching things off-limits in museums;   Macaroons...the French kind!;  Mia's carambar addiction;  
Wrought-iron balconies;  nearly missing the bus for every trip;  acting like Monks;  Singing Christmas carols for money, then getting shut down;  getting pooped on by pigeons;  Art Galleries;  6 hour church days;  Halloween at EuroDisney;
Kim losing her wallet how many times?;  running the banks of the Seine;  Markets; hidden gardens;  Parents coming to visit- the catacombs, Fontainbleau, Fondu, St. Michael, Honfleur;
Spige Girls; Provence;  Flower Shops; Chateaux;  and of course the Eiffel Tower.  

Most of this probably doesn't make sense to you, but that semester was a very special time in my life, and Paris will always be my favorite city.I thankfully got to go back two years ago with Derek, and got to show him Paris through my eyes.  We rented an apartment near the Eiffel Tower, basked in the sun at park Champs du Mars, walked the streets of Paris, drove on the crazy highways to Normandy, and enjoyed the French way of living.  I HIGHLY recommend everyone renting an apartment versus staying at a hotel!  If any of you have been, what was your favorite thing?