Random summer fun

Why does summer always seem to fly by?!? I can't believe August is nearly over and soon it will be fall! (although I do LOVE the fall!) I am trying to savor the beautiful weather and fewer tourists by going to the beach, playing volleyball at Ponto with friends, and just trying to be outside a lot!

I have been awful about bringing my camera with me, but have noticed that I failed to post some random pictures. Jack is growing up so fast....he truly is a toddler! He is a chatterbox, has a TON of energy, loves playing with other kids, loves to climb on EVERYTHING (I think Curious George is having a negative effect on him) and loves to keep busy. So here's a peak at what we've been up to lately....

Concentrating very hard
He must have gotten curious about what the paint tasted like while I was getting the camera out....total boy!

I had a 2 for 1 pass to Sea Life Aquarium by Legoland so we got Kjerstin and McKay to join us!

Surrounded by fish!

The boys took the opportunity to wiggle and climb for a bit

Erica and Camryn have been escaping the heat in Lake Elsinore and coming to San Diego quite a bit. We've LOVED having them around!

Jack just waking up from a nap.....he's definitely inherited his mom and dad's curls!

Visits to San Clemente to hang out with the Grandparents and visiting family!
Trying on Grandma "Bama's" glasses

Jack with his cousin Aaron..."A.P."....or "PP" as Jack says

His favorite thing to do at their house!



I am obsessed with books and bookshelves.....old, new, big small, messy, neat.... I have been a book lover ever since I can remember. I would buy old books at antique stores in MD and flea markets in Paris and have never thrown a book away (which makes for not so fun times when pack and unpacking!) Perhaps there's something in me that is guilty of not ever finishing a book in high school (which I made up for in my English major in college). Call me old fashion, but I just love the idea of being able to look anything up in a book in my own house. I also like sending cards and writing down lists and ideas on paper rather than the computer.

I have kept a design inspiration folder for when I do start decorating again, and decided to pull a few of my favorite/dream libraries. So here's to someday having an office filled with bookshelves and worn tufted leather chairs!



This past weekend I was itching to do something different. So Friday night we decided to take advantage of "concerts in the Park" here in Carlsbad. It reminded me of being back East in the summertime....either going to Movies on The Green in front of the Capitol building, or listening to opera in Central Park. We had a ton of fun people watching, laying on the lawn, and dancing with the kids. Unfortunately both Kathy and I forgot our cameras....so hopefully we'll go again!

Saturday we made a trip out to Coronado Island. I hadn't been there in years, and the last time I went most of the shops were closed. I hadn't realized what beautiful houses and charm is on Coronado!

We let the kids get their wiggles out by 'exploring' this little grassy area on the beach. They had so much fun and played forever! Plus I got a little camera happy....so consider yourself warned.

The shorter grasses bugged/tickled Jack a lot

Getting crazy with the Dads

This weekend was just what I needed! Hope yours was too!

Babysitting Fun

This past week I offered to babysit for my brother so that he and his wife could go see Harry Potter together. I was a little worried b/c I thought to myself, what am I going to do for 4 hours to keep these 3 kids occupied in our little apartment. The time actually flew by! And while I would never have 3 kids under the age of 3, it was pretty fun!

Chloe was such an angel and hardly made a peep. She must have been so excited with all the craziness going on and the new toys that she never even dozed off.

Landon and Jack had a blast dancing, eating, and playing together (despite having their 'moments').

I'm just glad Ty and Kathy were able to get away for a date night and not have to worry since it's family watching their kids. I got a really cute video of the boys playing with Derek, but still need to download some software.