D.C. Getaway 2009

This past week, Jack and I were able to go back East and get spoiled by my parents. We're sad that Derek wasn't able to come, but we made the most out the trip anyway. I've been itching to go back East and get my fill of the museums, the trees, walks, and the East Coast flair.

The flight going out was a bit rough....no milk and a dead DVD battery will do that to you. But we arrived safely and pulled up to this....

who can complain about that, right?

but we do complain about these eating the flowers and jumping in front of the car...however, Jack loved looking for the deer!

We did a lot of just hanging out at the house, shopping, exploring, and driving to various destinations.

dancing and singing the BYU fight song


watching King Kong with Grandpa

playing fireman with Grandma

Sunday dinner with friends Shannon and Callie

downtown Rockville after getting breakfast

The great thing about D.C. is that everything is free! One morning we went and explored the Zoo. Unfortunately the monkey's were nowhere to be found, but we had fun seeing everything else.

checking out the cheetahs

reading up about cows

looking for turtles....one of the latest obsessions....

wanting to climb in with the pandas

We also went to the American History Museum. It has been redone in the last few years, and has a lot of neat exhibits and sound effects. The weather was beautiful, the crowds were few, and we enjoyed walking around downtown.

One of my all-time favorite places....Georgetown! I absolutely love it there- the shopping, the buildings, the houses, everything!

On a walk down by the C&O Canal/Potomac River. I got the chance to run down there, walk, and of course do the Billy Goat Trail with my Dad!

I love driving through the country on the way to Luckett's to do some antique shopping. It is so beautiful our there!

Jack was LOVING all of the space in the house and the yard. We lucked out with nice weather and only had one really hot day. So, we busted out the sprinklers and let him run through for the first time. It made for some great pictures!

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a GREAT weekend! Everything was perfect and can't wait to see you again soon!


We've Moved...Again...

The Simmons family has moved yet again....this will be our 6th move in 4 years....and I'm sure it won't be our last. We are still in the Carlsbad area, San Elijo Hills to be exact, but now we have more room and cheaper rent :) We are loving our new place and Jack is loving the extra space! A big thanks to all those that helped move us out and into a place with 3 stories. I think they all got more than they bargained for!



I'm taking Jack back East with me to visit the parents and the old stomping grounds. I can't believe it's been a whole year since I've been back!


....I guess the flight is has gotten a lot longer now that kids are involved... See you in a week!


Labor Day 2009

Labor Day: The national holiday since 1894 to pay tribute to men and women who work. Not for women who have endured labor (although I definitely think that counts as work!)

This past Labor Day I enjoyed a morning run in Encinitas and lunch at Board n' Brew. That afternoon we met up with some friends at San Onofre. The waves were small which was a bummer for the boys, but perfect conditions for the rest of us. I had so much fun with my little family!

Here is our attempt to get Jack surfing. After his last experience (he was a little scared) it may be a while....

Mitch and Lyndsay watched Jack so that Derek and I could go tandem surfing. I was a bit hesitant because I wore the wrong bathing suit and lost my sunglasses in the water....but we caught a few waves and I had a blast!

Jack LOVED this beach! He loved playing with all the other kids and loved playing in the tidepools. We found lots of sea creatures....slugs, snails, and even a baby octopus!

Jack and Jade has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

After the beach we brought the party back to the Lundquists for some food and fun. They introduced us to an awesome new toy that I'll have to post later. Thanks for a great day everyone (and for the pictures!)