Regina Spektor

This past Monday night, Kathy and I enjoyed a girl's night out to see the oh-so-talented Regina Spektor in concert at the House of Blues in San Diego. It was a birthday gift to Kathy from my other sis-in-law Hannah and I (...we missed you Hannah!) It was the perfect girls-night-out! We grabbed dinner beforehand, got dressed up, and stayed out late. The opening band was Jupiter One- a respectable opening band at that. But Regina herself was even better than I was expecting! She sings beautifully, can play the piano, the guitar, 'spin and mix', sort-of-play-the-drums, and is so quirky and funny. Thanks Kathy for giving us a reason to celebrate!


4th Annual Pumpkin Party!

This past weekend we had our annual pumpkin carving party. It has been mostly adults only in the past, but this year we decided to include the kids in the festivities. It was a lot of fun.....chaotic at times.....but overall we enjoyed everyone's company and it got us in the Halloween spirit!

Landon loving Clark's skeleton mask and trying to wrestle Jack :)

Some of the gang hanging out

Let the pumpkin carving begin!
Derek left me to do it this year.....no stencil just old fashioned pumpkin face. no creativity this year from us, but that's okay. Atleast Jack likes it :)

The final products!

Miranda, me+Jack, Kathy+Landon+Chole, Erin+Auden+Merrick, Erica+Camryn
(A lot of the kids got out of costume by the end of the night)


Pumpkin Patch

This year we decided to try out the Pumpkin Patch by Del Mar Race Track. It was a huge step up from the one we went to last year! We met Ty and Kathy and the kids, bought a bunch of tickets, and had so much fun! The weather was absolutely beautiful! It was worth the money as there were tons of bouncy houses, rides, and even a petting zoo.

The Simmons Family

The Bills Family

patiently waiting their turn

The first bouncy ride had a huge slide! Jack loved climbing up to the top, then got a little nervous to go down. So we just gently nudged him and off he went! Landon on the other hand, would just jump and go. He had on the perfect slipper pants to maximize his speed!

Mom's and Dad's get to have fun too!

Mayhem in a bouncy house

We then did a couple of rides....choo choo train and cars. Jack still doesn't sit too well by himself for very long, so we always went with him. Landon went on an airplane ride by himself that went SO fast! I thought for sure he was going to throw up. But he held his own!

Jack's favorite part was definitely the petting zoo. They had bunnies, sheep, goats, roosters and a llama. He loves furry animals! He loves to pet them, ride them, and just get a reaction out of them.

trying to get the bunny's attention

Trying to climb in with the roosters

Being "so nice"

Making a tunnel with the llama's neck

So there was this goat that Jack was insisting on petting/bugging while it was eating. Finally the goat had enough and decided to head-butt him really hard in the stomach. It knocked Jack over, and Jack started laughing so hard. He thought the goat just wanted to play. So this repeated itself a few times, until I got worried that he was going to get kicked or something. I tried to capture it on camera, but the pictures don't really do it justice. We were all dying laughing!

And finally picking a pumpkin was the ultimate goal. We got a prize-worthy pumpkin to carve. Jack and Landon couldn't care less....they were just stoked to play with the wagons!



So the other night after we put Jack down, and I thought I heard footsteps in his room...but no talking or crying. Later on, when Derek and I were getting ready for bed, we peeked in Jack's room only to find this.....

Why is the itchy carpet more comfy than his bed? But he does look so snuggly with his little bum sticking up in the air!

Which brought me to finally buying this:

He actually really likes it and doesn't complain about being zipped in....I think we've convinced him that he's so lucky to get to sleep in a tent everyday!



Fall is here, and our community of San Elijo Hills sponsored and Oktoberfest Festival. We decided to make an evening out of it and invite Ty/Kathy and Mindy/Charles. It was a lot of fun....German music, German dancers, bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels...and it was all free!

The kids loved dancing around! (well we did too)

We then went back to our house to hang out and sing Happy Birthday to Kathy (and a really belated bday to Mindy ;)

Aren't I a creepy ghost?...I had to add this in....

I just love the fall and all of its festivities!

(btw I have been editing my photos but for some reason iphoto won't save it when i go to add in the picture....has anyone else experienced this?)


The Office


Did anyone catch The Office on Thursday night? ....that YouTube "Forever" wedding aisle dance was such a hit that they copied the idea. It was entertaining, but I still love the original. It gets me laughing and choked up every time...and I can't get over that the groomsman who does the handstand reminds me of Turtle from Entourage. What did you think of it?


Design Blog

It's official. I have finally decided to start a design blog. It feels like everyone is doing that these days, but this is a long time coming. Since stopping work and starting a family, I have been so antsy to get back onto the design scene....hence the blog. Love of Interiors will be an online source to my inspirations as well as my projects. Bloggers can enjoy and be inspired with me, ask questions, and even schedule consultations if they wish. So wish me luck and follow me in my journey!



Houdini is living with us. He can escape car seats (yes while driving), escape cribs, and get past child proof door knobs. Here he got out on the wrong side of the crib and kept yelling "stuck!"....we just had to take a picture!

Any suggestions? Anyone used a bed tent before?

On another note, our mischievous munchkin decided the walls were just too bare....
Thank goodness for WD-40!


Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine is a new online design magazine...call it the new Domino. It has a user-friendly format, loads of inspiration, and young fresh contributing editors. It is now a link I visit often and hope they keep up the great work!