We are off to Southern California to hang out with both of our families for the Christmas/School break. So without my desktop, I'll be taking a blogging hiatus. Have a safe and happy holiday with family and friends!



This year we went back East for Thanksgiving! It is always a special treat to go to MD because we don't make it out there too often. We had a lot of fun hanging out with family, having a house and a yard to play in, and bundling up in the cold weather. Derek flew out with us, but came back at the end of the weekend for classes. I stayed with the kids for an extra week and flew home separately...I was incredibly nervous flying by myself with 2 active and sometimes needy boys, but they impressed me and and were so good for the long journey back.

Thanksgiving day consisted of a victorious Turkey Bowl game for the boys (thanks to Derek's winning T.D. catch), a hike in the woods, passing of the corn jar, and of course lots of yummy food!

The weather turned freezing cold while we were there, so we got creative at times with our time. Jack was in heaven having Oliver to play with 24/7 and Sophia when she wasn't at school. They were both SO good to him...even when we was being a bit difficult. We just love our cousins and love having such a fun and close family!

We had lots of jucuzzi sessions.....
lots of trampoline time....

lots of cousin snuggles...

and Teddy got lots of love and attention all around!

We built gingerbread houses...

had some dance parties...

rode big boy bikes (it was way too cold outside!)...

celebrated Hannah's birthday...

used Uncle Derek as a jungle gym...

met Zooey girl for the first time...

and posed for photo shoots.

One night, mom and dad stayed home with the kids while us grown ups went out on the town. I think it was the first time we've been out without Teddy along! We decided to go to this amazing icerink downtown. It is nestled in the sculpture garden on the DC mall, with the National Archives building lite up behind it- truly picturesque. It was a lot of fun skating around...Derek was by far the best of us! The higlight had to be when my brother 'proposed to his wife". Long story short, we cleared the ice to all Hannah to the center, while Shane skated in on one knee and proposed. The crowd cheered and oohed and awed and congratulated them all night. It was really funny and spontaneous and will perhaps keep this as a tradition to propose somewhere new each year! We then stopped by the ______ Hotel to take a look around- it's an amazing hotel where Presidents have stayed and MLK finished his "I Have A Dream" speech there.

My Mom and I took the kids to the Botanical Gardens....a tradition of ours at Christmastime. It is a really neat place- with lots of space to run for Jack in the rainforest- and they always have neat exhibits during the Holiday season. This year they had this magnificent train system going throughout all the wonders of the world, which were all made out of natural materials (bark, pine cones, sticks). It was amazing! Jack sat in there for a good 30 minutes just staring at the trains going. My favorites were the Eiffel Tower and also a mini White House they had out in the foyer (swing set and all).

Thanks everyone for a great time and a memorable Thanksgiving!!!!


Teddy's (almost) 6 months!

I can't believe that Teddy is almost 6 months old! The time has absolutely flown by. I want him to stay this tiny little thing who snuggles in bed with us forever. But time goes on and he is just getting cuter and cuter and his little personality is shining through. He just loves his older brother and loves to be around people. He has a contagious smile and such a sweet little face. He loves to nuzzle into things when he's falling asleep- whether it be his blanket, a stuffed animal, or your arm; he's definitely a snuggler. He is most chatty late at night and early in the morning...and he is quite the talker!....(or squealer!). He likes his excersaucer better than anything else and is getting better and better with his hands.

He weighs in at a sprightly 13 pounds and is 25 inches tall. We love every tiny inch of him!


Uncle Dallin

My little brother Dallin was in the area for some job interviews, so lucky us got to hang out with him! We picked him up Friday night in San Jose so we hung out Santana Row...and had some fun in Urban.

Saturday we ate breakfast at Cafe M and walked 4th Street. We then headed to Tilden to go on a hike. We found a new trail last week at night and wanted to come back in the daytime...and I am so glad we did. It was beautiful! We are already planning to go back again soon :)

We then drove around campus, hung out back at home, and of course we had to introduce him to Zachary's before sending him back to San Francisco.

Thanks Google and Intuit for bringing him out here! Come back again soon Duncle Dawin!


Big Brother

Jack has been such a great big brother to Teddy.
He loves to snuggle him, share toys and blankets with him, and hold him and give him kisses. And Teddy loves every second of it!

In fact, Jack was the first to get a true giggle out of Teddy. I caught some of it on camera, now I just need to figure out how to upload it :)

Jack is such a sweet ball of personality and we just love him to pieces!
What's not to love about his adorable little face?



Last night we drove up to Tilden Park to try and take advantage of the fall weather and little bit of sunlight that was remaining. It was pretty dark when we got up there, but we still had fun exploring. Jack even brought his little flashlight along.

digging for squirrels

(yes I did go brown again....the fall weather and a student budget inspired me)