9 by Design

I have to make mention of 9 by Design. If any of you haven't seen it or heard of it, look it up and set the recording. It's a show on Bravo about a husband and wife who live in NYC and build/refurbish/decorate homes with 7 kids! Their design sense is awesome and unique, but we (yes Derek gives his stamp of approval too) also love the family. The kids are so cute and hilarious (they have 2 sets of twins!), the couple is fun and easy going, and it's a great show about a strong and happy family who love each other and love life! Anyways, if you are wanting to see photos of their projects, check out my design blog loveofinteriors.blogspot.com


Easter 2010

Celebrating Holidays gets more and more fun as Jack gets older. This year he was really excited for and Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Bunny to come. Leading up to the big day, we did some fun activities.

Made Happy Easter pictures for the Grandparents

Dyed Easter Eggs (Jack kept trying to lick the vinegar water- gross!)

Primary Easter Egg Hunt

Easter morning, I made a fun breakfast of German Pancakes (Lyndsay's recipe ) with bacon and fruit. We then took a break from conference to find Easter baskets hidden by the Easter Bunny.

Almost there....

Found it!

With all the sugar and excitement, Jack ran circles around Derek

That afternoon, we headed up to San Clemente for another Easter Egg hunt and dinner. Derek's brother Paul and his two sons Sean and Aaron were in town, Jeff/Cindy and kids, plus us and the Grandparents make for a big group! We had a lot of fun and appreciate it all!

After a few eggs, he just wanted to jump off ledges and climb around. All boy!

Fun Saturday

A few weekends ago, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed up to Orange County to play. We met our friends the Lundquists and rented bikes in Newport. It was a great idea and beautiful weather....but horrible traffic and ended with a few whiney kids. Still, I'd do it again any day!

Jade and Jack all buckled in and excited....for about 5 minutes....

Poor Derek carried Jack on his hip for part of the ride.....what a nice Dad!

We then headed over to the Earnest's for a BBQ with some of my college girlfriends. I love that we all live in Southern CA and can get together (but not often enough!). Amanda is a great hostess and the kids had fun playing in their backyard.

Corn on the Cob....best way to entertain kids...

me, Amanda, Mia and Jenn
yes 3 of the 4 of us are pregnant