Best Buddies

This little guy....

Loves to give lots of these.....

and do lots of this....

Jack has been a great big brother so far! He is constantly asking to hold Teddy, snuggle Teddy, and give Teddy kisses. He always shares his toys and other treasures(by laying them on his stomach) and when Teddy gets sad he gets very concerned; so he shares his blanket (which he is very attached to) and tries to put the binky in his mouth. They are already the Best of Buddies!


Grandma and Grandpa come to visit

Just a few days after Teddy was born, my Mom was the saving grace and came to our rescue for help (after a long busy week running Girl's Camp!). She stayed with us for a few days helping with Jack, dinner, shopping, cleaning, packing, you name it. My dad came out a week later when we were able to get out some more. I did manage to take a few pictures, but definitely not enough (it's a lot harder to have a free hand now!)

We went to the 'peacock farm' a few times, seaport village, La Jolla, the pool a ton, and just enjoyed hanging out!

Finally mastered the floaties!

Boy snuggle time!

My oldest brother Shane was also able to sneak in a visit with work. We had fun going to Swami's, the meditation garden, and La Jolla (well Shane and Derek). We sure loved our Uncle Shane and hope they live closer soon!

Thanks Mom and Dad for visiting! We just wish we lived closer together!


4th of July

So with Teddy being 2 weeks old, overcast skies, and it being Sunday, our 4th of July plans were a bit altered; but we still had fun and made the best of it.

Introducing Jack to Poppers

Jack showed his patriotic side while we got ready for a bbq.

We then went up to DoublePeak Park- a 360 degree view in our neighborhood of all the beach cities and inland empire. It also has some fun ropes courses and rocks for kids to play on.

We then went and watched the Legoland fireworks. Derek, my Dad and Jack walked to get a closer look while my mom and I and Teddy watched from the car.

Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July wherever you were!