Giants Game

One thing I love about San Francisco is going to ATT Park to watch the Giants play. It is such a great stadium with a beautiful backdrop, being located right on the Bay. A friend of ours gave us his company tickets so we decided to take the boys (and our friends Rawley & Mithona).

Jack did amazingly well! He loves baseball the most of all the sports right now. He loved looking around at the crowd and watching all the spectacles. We got him his own bag of popcorn so he just chowed down pretty much the whole time.

At the 7th inning stretch, Derek took Jack for a walk around the stadium. Apparantly they have this kid zone where you can hit baseballs and go down a big slide. Who knew?

We made it the whole game (the innings were unfortunate for the Giants, really short). Teddy was a champ too! (and no I am not feeding him in this picture! That'd be creepy!)

Thanks Ted Davies for the tickets!!!


Oakland Zoo

A few weeks ago some girls in the ward and I took the kids to the Oakland Zoo. It is a smaller zoo, but a perfect size to actually keep the attention span of a two year old. The guerillas and giraffes were the hit. The new male guerillas were marking their territory by yelling and throwing boxes and rocks at the windows (one of them even shattered). This scared the kids a bit, and admittedly me too. It was also fun to watch how the giraffes drink water.

We took a break to let the kids get their wiggles out, and to feed Teddy. There was this frog pond with rock lily pads the kids can jump across on.
Jack was of course all over it. He then thought it would be fun to swim jump in the water. All of a sudden, a sopping wet Jack comes running over and said "Mom, I went swimming!" He was so proud of himself I couldn't help but laugh. Needless to say, he spent the rest of the time in the stroller with no pants and his extra sweatshirt. Boys will be boys!


3 Months Old

Look who's three months old already!

I am trying to savor every minute of Teddy's baby stage. I can't believe how quickly he is growing, but with a move and busy schedule here in Berkeley, time is certainly flying by.

Teddy just goes with the flow of our hectic days and is such a sweet natured, alert and (mostly) happy boy (he definitely likes to be held, as most babies do). If you so much as glance in his direction, he lights up with a smile. I think he is going to love attention just as much as his older brother! He loves to 'talk' to you and have little conversations back and forth. Lately he has been discovering his hands. He will clasp them together, shove them in his mouth, and try to grab toys that are in front of him. He also loves to suck on his bottom lip and suck on his hands.

All pooped out from Tummy Time

Sucking on that bottom lip

Now if he'll only continue that concentration in his school years!

I think we have another blondie

Channeling some Blue Steel

Having a little baby in the house is just so much fun. He is so precious and we all LOVE to shower him with kisses and hugs! I am not ready for him to grow any bigger yet!


Jack is growing up

So today Jack pulls a skateboard movie out of the drawer, turns to me and says, "Hey Mom, look at this....check it out!"....Check it out? ...since when did he become a teenager?

Atleast 10 times a day he says "I'll do it myself"

He actually has a preference of what to wear

He often grabs one of our phones, talks for a while then says "Bye Mom, Bye Derek" (we definitely won't let him call 'dad' Derek, but it is kinda funny at this young age....)

He loves going to 'school' and gymnastics class and music class

Before bed he ran into his room and said "I'm going to clean up" and proceeded to clean up his magneatos (which he likes to build triangles, squares and rectangles)

When introducing Teddy to people he says "this is Teddy. Isn't Teddy so cute and tiny?". Then when Teddy starts to cry he already gets annoyed by it.

He is really into pretend play, and even does voices,

He amazes us every day with his knowledge, his imagination and vocabulary. He is growing up so quickly!


Tilden Park

Berkeley is blessed with lots of great parks, the greatest of them being Tilden Park. It covers over 2000 acres in the Berkeley hills, with beautiful views of the Bay and San Francisco. There are all sorts of fun things to do there.....Petting Zoo, Carousel, Golfing, Hiking, Biking, mini Steam Train, and a Lake to fish and swim in. We have been hanging out there quite a bit.

The first time we went we found some wild turkeys roaming around. Jack is quick and fearless and would have grabbed them if I let him.

Here we are visiting the animal farm. You can bring lettuce to feed to the sheep, goats, cows (or moo cows as Jack calls them), turkeys, ducks and pig. When the fog rolls in, it can get pretty chilly up in the hills; but it is kind of fun having that climate change!

There is this amazing miniature steam train that takes you on a loop through the Redwoods and lookout over the Bay. I took the boys to check it out one afternoon, then decided we had to come back and show Derek. It'll definitely be one of those things to take visitors on.
This is what Jack's face looks like pretty much the whole ride. Sheer joy!



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