Festive Fall Fun

5th Annual Pumpkin Carving and Chili Chow
This year, because of apartment space and expanding families, we had a more quaint pumpkin carving party...but just as fun! The Pearce's came over to have some chili, play, and carve pumpkins. I always love an excuse to get creative with food and decorations!

Then one night Jack helped me make Halloween Cats for my young women. He's such a good little helper!....although he did sneak a few more m&ms than what we actually used :)

We decided to make one last pumpkin patch visit. This one is extremely local and a bit ghetto....but it did have a bouncy house and slide :) We ALL had fun playing around!

Mission Accomplished


One rainy day, we decided to check out Habitot, an indoor play area for kids with some friends. Everyone else had the same idea, because it was a zoo. But, Jack had a blast doing all sorts of fun activities: 'car wash', painting, playing with clay and dress up.

A great place for a kid to be a kid.



So I was inspired by my friend to record more of Jack's funny sayings (and eventually Teddy's) on the blog instead of always in my journal...or atleast make sure it's recorded! Toddlers are just so funny with the things they come up with. He always has me laughing (but not at night these days!!) at the things he is saying and doing.

1. The other day Derek was moving the car in the parking lot and told Jack he could hop in the front seat. So Jack buckled up and turns to Derek and says, "But is the police man going to come and get me?" ...perhaps we use the police man threat a bit too much...

2. The last couple of days I've gone to get Jack in the morning or at naps, he is doing a headstand in his crib. We've got a little acrobat on our hands!


Lake Anza

Last week brought 90 degree weather, so we headed to Lake Anza to cool down. Jack had a blast playing in the sand and water, with his his friends and of course he made some new ones too. It was absolutely beautiful and was a good substitute for our beloved southern CA beaches...for now anyway...

Pumpkin Patch

Fall is officially here! After having a week of 90 degree weather, cooler temperatures have come so off to the pumpkin patch we went! It was a busy day- full of a 50 mile bike ride for Derek up Mt. Diablo, then a BBQ with friends afterwards in Moraga (thanks again Rawley and Mithona!). A bunch of our Berkeley friends were heading up to Clayton Farm so we decided why not make the day even more awesome than it already was?!?

It was a lot of fun! Despite the fact that there was no bouncy house, it was a true farm experience. It had hay mazes, water duck races, "pumpking seed" pools, basketball through tubes in the hay and bean bag tosses, animals to feed, trains to ride and kettle corn. Oh, and of course pumpkins.

It was nice to be way out in the country, where all you see are the rolling golden hills. After the kids were done playing, we continued the party in the town of Clayton at Skipolini's. It is definitely THE pizza joint in town...tons of team dinners, crazy kids and families. (**on a side note, Skipolini's is where Derek and I ate in Walnut Creek to attempt to induce labor. We ate the Prego Pizza, and sure enough Jack came just a few days later. haha**)

It was a blast to kick off the fall season with such fun fall activities and lots of great friends!


First Visitors!

Two weeks ago, we welcomed our first visitors! Derek's parents and older brother Jeff came in town over Conference weekend. It was a short visit, but we enjoyed every minute of it!

Friday we hung low....went to Aquatic Park and out to dinner in Emeryville. We then some amenities at the hotel, where Jack could go swimming and us parents could relax in the hot tub (my first time in since getting prego!)

Saturday we took everyone to our favorite breakfast place in Berkeley, Cafe M on Fourth Street. You must try it if you are in the area! We then drove into San Francisco to explore Golden Gate Park. It was my first time, and despite the crazy traffic, I'm glad we went.

Here is Jeff and Jack at the outdoor ampitheater area...the location of S.F.'s first World's Fair in 1894.

We then walked over to the Japanese Tea Garden. It was beautiful and serene....and of course fun for Jack! He especially loved climbing the Moon Bridge and jumping over the little canals.

We then walked over to the Children's playground (one of the first playgrounds in the US and houses a carousel from 1912). Jack got a little antsy in the stroller, hence the silly photo. The carousel was actually really fun- it was longer and faster than usual. The playground was redone a few years ago, and had some neat ideas and equipment.

Who said parents can't have fun too?...btw, these little things spin so fast!

Sunday we hung out at home in the morning, then took the gang to Tilden Park. Jack could not wait for everyone to go on the Steam Train! We then gave them a little tour of campus...showing them where Derek spends most of his time. We went to the Haas School of Business then over to the Clock Tower. Everyone loved going to the top (especially Jack who was yelling at me below!). We stopped off at Cheesesteak Factory, one of our favorites, before they had to drive back down to Orange County.

I just love this little face!
Yelling in the train tunnel

Future student...

Thanks Bill and Nina for taking time off of your mission and Jeff for flying up! We had fun seeing you guys! Come again soon!



A few Sundays ago (still catching up on photos) we went over to Sausalito. Derek and I had been there before, but we knew Jack would love seeing the boats....and we were right. It is a quick and easy drive (just drive on past San Quentin, which is frighteningly close to our house).

Jack loved walking up and down the docks and picking out his favorite boats. He liked to root for the underdogs by picking the smaller boats; that and anything with a pirate flag.

We then walked around town and had some snacks on the dock. Jack was enjoying feeding the seagulls and running around/making friends. Then he heard some music playing in the neighboring restaurant, and decided to put on a show. He got up on this grassy area in front of tons of people and started dancing. That kid is too much. I wish I had gotten some better pictures!!

btw- isn't that an awesome tree?!?

Stopping by the fire department before heading home with Jack in all his crazy wind-blown hair glory.

Teddy loving life.

It was a beautiful day. Great views of the bay, beautiful blue water, and the best company a girl could ask for!