Uncle Dallin

My little brother Dallin was in the area for some job interviews, so lucky us got to hang out with him! We picked him up Friday night in San Jose so we hung out Santana Row...and had some fun in Urban.

Saturday we ate breakfast at Cafe M and walked 4th Street. We then headed to Tilden to go on a hike. We found a new trail last week at night and wanted to come back in the daytime...and I am so glad we did. It was beautiful! We are already planning to go back again soon :)

We then drove around campus, hung out back at home, and of course we had to introduce him to Zachary's before sending him back to San Francisco.

Thanks Google and Intuit for bringing him out here! Come back again soon Duncle Dawin!


Big Brother

Jack has been such a great big brother to Teddy.
He loves to snuggle him, share toys and blankets with him, and hold him and give him kisses. And Teddy loves every second of it!

In fact, Jack was the first to get a true giggle out of Teddy. I caught some of it on camera, now I just need to figure out how to upload it :)

Jack is such a sweet ball of personality and we just love him to pieces!
What's not to love about his adorable little face?



Last night we drove up to Tilden Park to try and take advantage of the fall weather and little bit of sunlight that was remaining. It was pretty dark when we got up there, but we still had fun exploring. Jack even brought his little flashlight along.

digging for squirrels

(yes I did go brown again....the fall weather and a student budget inspired me)

A whole new world

We introduced Teddy to the exer-saucer (or whatever its called).

It's a whole new world with a whole new view.

I think he kinda likes it :)



Congratulations SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS for winning the WORLD SERIES!

The surf industry suffered a great loss yesterday. Andy Irons, pro Billabong surfer, 3 time world ASP champ, brother to Bruce Irons, husband, and soon-to-be father passed away of Dengue Fever.
He contracted the illness in Puerto Rico and was on his way home to Hawaii when he passed. It's crazy to think that we just saw him at a surf premier a few weeks ago and he left at such a young age (32) with a child on the way. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

*on a side note, Derek contracted dengue fever on his mission....what a scary a serious illness!


Happy Halloween!

Church Halloween Party
Jack was SO into Halloween this year! The decorations, the fun treats, and of course dressing up! Everyday he wanted to be something different, but finally we came to the decision of BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! He wore his buzz wings everywhere the week of Halloween...and he was definitely the cool kid when he wore them :) The rest of us followed suit and went Toy Story themed. Derek went as Woody, I went as Jessie, and Teddy as Mr. Potatohead.

The ward party was a bit crazy....we have lots of little kids in our ward....but of course Jack had a blast!

Hanging out with some of his buddies
Abby, Issac, Jack, Jack, Ollie and Ike

Playing Games

Going Trick-or-Treating through the halls

he loved every minute of it!!!

Sunday was quite the memorable Halloween for a few reasons. It was a beautiful day outside, and after a long week of rain, we wanted to take advantage of the sunshine. So we went on a walk to look at the gorgeous houses in the Claremont area. On our way home, our car died. We were about 3 miles from home, and decided to walk part of the way and maybe catch a bus the rest of the way. Long story short, we ended up running home, grabbing the Jeep and Jack's buzz costume, then heading to the Jensen's. The Halloween party was a lot of fun....lots of ward friends, yummy Halloween food and fun!

With two of his buddies Landon and Isaac

Once it was dark enough, the trick or treating began. Jack was SO excited and felt so big. He had been practicing all week at home and now was the big day....ready, set, GO!

I have to admit I got a bit teary eyed. He was so cute walking from house to house with his buzz wings bouncing along; then climbing the stairs to each house (he'd carefully hold on to the railings- the steps were as big as he was);

then knock and ring the door-bell....he'd wait around for even the slowest responses to loudly but sweetly proclaim trick-or-treat! He'd take his time picking out his candy

then say thank-you as he turned around to do it all again.

He would even stop to notice all the decorations, and even fix the pumpkin tops that were a bit crooked :)

His feet finally got tired and his bucket full to the brim so we turned in. It was the perfect night! The weather was gorgeous, we walked around with good friends in such a great neighborhood, and just enjoyed the holiday as a family of four.