Discovery Bay Museum

A week or so ago (finally catching up!), some friends and I decided to check out the Discovery Bay Museum.....and it may be my new favorite 'discovery' in the Bay area. First of all, it is right at the base of the Golden Gate bridge, housed inside of and old US Army post, Fort Baker.

It was a really different museum, because there were separate buildinsg with different play and learning areas, as well as lots of outside discovery areas in between.

Teddy especially loved the stream....any excuse to splash and get wet!

They had a really cool stage/puppet theater area!

Lots of fun indoors too...

But I think we loved it outdoors more....

We had a GREAT time, and will definitely be back very soon!


Winter is coming.....and that means so is the rain. we've had a few rainy days as of late, so we are trying to enjoy them. Luckily my boys LOVE any excuse to be outside, get wet, and dirty.

oh, and don't let this sweet little face fool you....

he is a crazy maniac and always on the go. But I love him for it.

And this guy rides his bike any chance he gets....even with big clunky rain boots.

The Sweetest

At least a couple of times a week when I pick up Jack from preschool, he gives me one of these. He picks it at outside playtime and either sticks it in his drawer or his pocket. How precious. Even the tiniest little flower he will keep safe for over an hour. I don't know how long this sweet gesture will last, but I hope it lasts forever!


Halloween night felt like it was never going to arrive, and we were all excited when it finally did. Attempting to catch these two little rascals to hold still for a moment....they were just could not wait to go trick-or-treating already. We even tried to lure Teddy with a lollipop.

After handing out a few candies of our own, we hopped in our car and were on our way. We went back to the same neighborhood spot as last year. Jack was an old pro, and Teddy was a quick learner!

After a while, Teddy was getting a bit tired so we stuck him in the stroller with yes another lollipop. We also bumped into some friends....and Jack was pretty excited to have some big boys to walk up to the door with.

One of my favorite things about the night was being able to see the unique Berkeley homes up close.

The end of the night....this pretty much sums it up.

Halloween at Jack's Preschool

Jack just loves preschool....and so do I! He is such a big boy and I just love seeing all that he's learning, and how independent he is getting, and hearing about all the fun activities they do. It was pretty fun to see him in action with all of his buddies at school. All the kids looked so cute all dressed up.

Getting all lined up for the parade around the block.

Teddy dressed up in his skeleton jammies and loved being able to participate.

After the parade they all sat down with their handmade 'trick or treat pumpkins', and waited for some goodies. Jack got put in between all the girls at first....

but then he went and squeezed in by his other buddies Nahji, Julian and Ian.

And finally one last pic with the best preschool teacher ever....Teacher Nelly :)


Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

We had our annual pumpkin carving party, filled with chili and other yummy food, good company and of course pumpkin carving! I can't wait to have a bigger place to host and be able to invite anyone and everyone!

Jack was excited to actually participate this year. Look at that concentration!

The final products

Until next year!....