Movie Night

So we started 'Movie Night' with some other families every weekend. One couple has everyone's kids over for popcorn and a movie while the other couples get a night out on the town. It has been a lot of fun and definitely saves money on babysitters! Plus, Jack gets SO excited for it. Last weekend was our turn to host. We watched "The Sword and The Stone". It was one of my favorites growing up and Jack LOVED it. Here is a picture of the kids watching the movie. It's a bit blurry but I just had to post it. They were all so cute- laughing and cracking jokes (we're missing a couple of kids who were out of town).

Mother Nature, make up your mind!

The weather has been so crazy this past month. It has been as warm as 80 degrees and as cold as the upper 20s. We had spectacular weather a couple of weeks ago and decided to take advantage and go on another family hike. This time, we went on a different trail. It ended up being about 3 miles roundtrip. Jack did a great job! Of course we'd play games along the way to keep him interested (hide and seek, chase each other with a pokey stick, looking for creatures, etc...).

Just a few days later, it was back to a typical northern CA winter....rain, rain, and more rain.

After being cooped up inside for days straight, we decided to just grin and bare it. Playing out in the rain can be a lot of fun if dressed appropriately :)

Then, Mother Nature took another turn and San Francisco got its first glimpse of snow in 30 years! Unfortunately, it happened in the middle of the night so we totally missed it. Bummer. I was hoping to make some snow angels with the boys!



So the other day Jack and I were building with legos and here is how our conversation went:
J: are you building me a surprise?
M: Do you want me to?
J: Ya-
M: Okay. Don't look
.....he proceeds to inch his way over to help...
J: Mom, I'm going to build you a surprise
M: But I thought I was building you one.
J: No- this is for you. Don't look. It's super special. It's a present just. for. you. I'm going to wrap it up and put it in my backpack....but it's too big for my back pack, so I'll just let you open it. I'm almost ready. You can almost see it. Don't knock it over. It's super special just for you.

Gotta love this kid.

Also, yesterday he called his friend Landon "Sweetheart Bud". Cute. I think that's my new favorite.


Best Buddies already

I just love watching my two boys interact. It is the sweetest thing in the world! Jack is such a great big brother- always eager to play with him- and Teddy just adores Jack. Whether it's hiding together, or building lego towers for Teddy to knock over, I hope this phase never ends! Here is a little peak into some of our downtime fun :)

For a few days there, Jack was really into building pirate ships out of couch cushions. So that's what we did morning, noon and night :)

The rest of them are just fun playtime pics. Usually Jack is doing something funny and he asks me to go grab the camera so I can take a picture of him......modest and shy? I think not....and I think Teddy is following in his footsteps..