Tunnel Time

Never ending rain in the Bay Area means more inside fun. This time we busted out our tunnel and tent for a few days and let Teddy practice his crawling skills.

9 Months Old

This past week Teddy turned 9 months old! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. What happened to my tiny little baby?

For over a month now he has been crawling and sitting up, trying to keep up with Jack. He's even starting to pull himself up on his knees and feet! Teddy has a ton of energy, emotion, and is SUPER wiggly (I dare say more than Jack had- which kind of frightens me!...what is it with us having high energy kids?...it certainly keeps life interesting!) Teddy loves to explore; he's always dumping out baskets, crawling in tiny spaces, throwing the books off the shelves, trying to go after plugs and shoes and things he shouldn't be.

He loves to play catch with the ball. He can even wave "Hi"! I know, he's really gifted. haha.

He loves to be where the action is and absolutely adores his older brother. He is our little snuggler and certainly our little Teddy Bear!


Strawberry Canyon Trail

This morning I went on a run with some girlfriends in the beautiful Berkeley Hills. I had been wanting to run this particular trail and was excited to learn that they were planning to do just that. It was absolutely beautiful! We went early in the morning, before it got too busy and the morning dew was still fresh on the ground.

It was so green and full of lush vegetation...lots of moss-covered trees, rock walls, soaring red woods, all while following a running creek. Oh, and don't forget the gorgeous views of San Francisco and the Bay which never gets old. It was such an inspiring atmotphere and left me feeling so thankful to be living in such a beautiful area! ...now if only I could do that run every morning...


Soccer Star

Jack is in his first organized sport, and it is so exciting! There is quite the group of 3-4 year olds in our ward and complex, so rather than paying $150 for lessons, we formed our own team and hired our own coach for MUCH less. The first week was rainy so we moved practice to the church building. Jack did really well and was so stoked to dribble, shoot and score with his new soccer ball. Derek was just as excited and came from class to watch this exciting moment. Coach Lauren is so good and patient with all of the crazy kids.

Unfortunately, this week wasn't as successful. We had practice outside and Jack focused for about 15 minutes, then got distracted by all the fun things around....stairs, trees, etc... Baby steps... Atleast he looks good in his uniform :)

Mommy Wow, I'm A Big Kid Now!

I finally bit the bullet. I have been putting it off, only wanting to do it when I knew Jack was fully ready. So then when I learned that Jack could control his number 2s, I decided it was time. Monday we had a "potty party" full of new underwear, treats, games, crafts, etc.... He did so great!!! One time he tinkled a bit in his underwear but then stoppedand so "oh Man!" He was so disappointed in himself. Today he went to preschool without me there and did not have any accidents. In fact, I think he is overly careful with not wanting to have an accident b/c apparantly he went potty 4 times on him own. Better safe than sorry :)
So the last couple of months, we have been talking about what toy he'd want once he starts to wear big boy underwear.... and it was the Batman Cave. After we picked it up and brought it home, he played with it for hours....longer than any other toy! Glad it's getting it's money's worth!

Go Jack!