Almost a week ago, I tripped on uneven sidewalk running downhill and spent the holiday weekend dealing with this:

(fyi- this is not my x-ray)


What are the odds? A broken right collarbone that I had to get surgery on....a metal plate and some screws...that I'll have to re-operate on at the end of summer and get it removed....with 2 kids and a move coming up. Thank goodness for a doting husband, angellic friends and a loving mother who is literally taking over for my hands the next 2 weeks. I supposedly can't lift teddy (what I'm basing my healing process around) for 3-4 weeks. Atleast I'll become quite creative and talented with my left arm in the mean time. So sorry for my lack of posts for the next while.


Spring Break

One of the many perks of going back to school is having a Spring Break!!! Aside from Olympic week freshman year of college, it's been a while since I've had a spring break (BYU never has one). It was awesome! It was SO nice to have Derek around for a whole week to do nothing but hang out, talk and play. And even though it was a REALLY long drive....one I don't think we'll do again, at least we got to see beautiful scenery like this:

The budget-concious side of us decided to go somewhere within driving distance and free lodging? Lucky for us, our good friends the Lyman's (Megan's parents) had an awesome house in St. George.

To break up the drive, we took a detour to San Clemente. Oh how I love that town. We were able to hang out with the Grandparents, surf, run the trail, see some friends, and introduce Teddy to the beach for the first time. It really made me miss the beach and the area.

Jack will always be our little beach bum.

We even had time for a little fishing ;) ...Derek taught Jack how to cast and reel. Now he's obsessed!

We then headed on up to St. George for plenty of R&R. It was a perfect break. Lots of hanging around, playing games, NCAA, golf, hiking, running, and eating out. We were even able to score a babysitter one night to go to dinner sans Jack and Landon.

The first day we got there, Megan and I indulged ourselves in a little spa day. We got massages and had lunch at this awesome healthy girly spa resort. What a great way to kick off the week!

This was my first time to St. George. The red rock is so beautiful! I loved exploring and hiking around, but also visiting the historic town square, learning about the Tabernacle, and seeing the temple.

Megan and I took the boys to explore the Dixie rocks. They loved it, and so did I. Jack loves anything outdoors- especially hiking and climbing- so he was in heaven. I love these photos of the boys together.

I promise I didn't pose him....Jack is such a ham with the camera!

We also took a day to check out Zion's. We definitely weren't prepared for how cold it was, but the kids were troopers and it was well worth the visit. First we hiked up Weeping Rock and could not believe the frozen ice and snow at the bottom of the falls.

We then took a stroll along the River Trail. The kids had a blast throwing rocks and finding sticks. I'd love to come back again someday, better prepared, so we could explore even more!

Here we are at Samurai 21 (like a Benihana's). It was definitely entertaining, but Jack was deathly afraid of all the fire!

Most of all, we just got to enjoy family time! I loved being able to play games together and hang out. Jack is at such a fun age right now, and Teddy wants in on the action too. I love my family boys and all the excitement that comes with it. 'Til next Spring Break.....