Slip N' Slide

For the 4th of July instead of heading to a pool, the Dads went and bought a monster tarp and made a slip n' slide. A couple of different locations and bottles of soap later, it was a big hit!


Homestead Farm

One of the perks of my parents living out in the boondocks is that there are lots of farms nearby. Homestead Farm is our go-to. It's a great place to let the kids run, feed the animals and pick fresh fruit.

The other perk is that the farm has two beautiful golden retrievers. Both Jack and Teddy LOVE dogs so they were in heaven whenever one wanted to tag along with us for the day.

Every time we went, it made me want to live on a farm. Life is just so simple and beautiful and it truly is a little boys playground.

Summertime in DC

For part of the summer we got to spend hanging out at my parent's house. It is always great to be back in the DC area and take advantage of all the things there are to do. One of those being all the great museums! They keep up the highest standards and never disappoint. Did I mention they are always free?!?

So here's to our museum tour. I limited which museums we went to being it tourist season and the fact that I have 2 little boys on the loose....

National Zoo

"baby lion cubs" aren't so baby

Nat'l Postal Museum

Natural History Museum

Air and Space Museum



On our way back from the OBX, we decided to make a pit stop in Williamsburg. I hadn't been since my 5th grade trip and Derek hadn't been since he was little as well. We met up with Shane and Hannah and the kids.

The downtown area is so charming, full of great little boutiques and specialty food shops.

We had fun wandering the dirt roads and showing the kids the colonial way of life. Jack was especially intrigued by the cannons, the jail, and the horse poop (chocolate cake) in the road.

Despite a ridiculously hot and sweaty day I'm glad we took the time for a fun little historical detour.


The Summer Adventure Begins

This summer has brought a lot of changes, a lot of adventures and a lot of memories. As soon as Derek's school ended in May, we flew back East for the summer. We planned on spending a few weeks at my parent's house before Derek's internship started up in NYC.

OBX 2011

But the first adventure was going to the OBX (Outer Banks, NC) with my family. I grew up going to the OBX and it had been a few years since we last went. It really is the perfect vacation spot. You can rent really large houses so that everyone can stay comfortably together, have a pool and be right across of the beach. The beach we go to is not very crowded, the water is warm and it is just heavenly. We lucked out with good weather and no big problems or injuries (pretty good for a house of wild dads and crazy kids). We had fun swimming, playing at the beach, visiting the lighthouse, exploring neighborhoods, running, surfing, playing tennis, playing games go-carting and eating.

Car Ride :)

On the drive up, we wanted to stop off at the Grave Digger monster truck site...purely southern hick, right? Well, to our surprise, they were having a monster truck remote control car race too. Jack (and Derek) thought it was really cool.

We also tried a new dinner tactic. A few of the nights we waited to have our adult dinner until after the kids were asleep so we could eat outside and actually hold a conversation. We each took turns cooking dinner, so we had so new and yummy meals! I so looked forward to this time :)

One day I took the older kids to talk the Currituck Lighthouse (poor Lando was sick). They did great walking up all those winding stairs, and the view was beautiful!

One night we got the kids all excited for ice-cream and they started an 'ice-cream' chant to get pumped up.

Afterwards we decided there was nothing wrong with a little friendly Bills competition, so we raced go-karts with the older kids. P.S. I just love Tyson's face in it, but I love our cheering section more :)

Our attempt at a family photo...we opted for no grown-ups in hopes of getting the grandkids more focused....

And Dallin's attempt to be 'Uncle of the Year'

We also took the kids crabbing one evening. It was so fun and picturesque. The boys were all very patient (kids and Dads) and were so excited when they each caught one!

Of course we had plenty of pool and beach time! (more pictures to come)

Who wouldn't want to snuggle these adorable little monkeys? I am the luckiest Mom and Aunt!

I just love spending time with my family and love that my kids love it just as much or more.