First Day of School

Jack is officially enrolled in Pre-school this year, and as you can tell from his face, he LOVES IT! Seriously. I hope this enthusiasm never leaves (and now 2 months in he still loves it just as much or more).

(indulge me for a second...this is for journaling purposes too...)He is growing up so fast. I know I am a bit biased, but I think he is just the most handsome, sweet, fun, kid around. He loves learning new things, visiting new places, reading, playing sports, doing crafts, the list goes on. He loves talking and telling stories. I guess he is quite the participant in primary and in school...and I just love that about him. He is my little sweetheart. He always gives me kisses, he'll always say sorry if he accidentally bumps me or someone/something else, he's great at cleaning up (primary at other people's houses oddly enough), obedient,he's really good at his please and thank yous, and has a genuine love for his family (he does have his moments with Teddy though). I love how quickly he makes friends no matter where we go. And I just love his enthusiasm for just about everything he does.

The other day in the car he turns to Derek and says "Dad I just want to be like you....let's take our shirts off". The first half of that phrase really sums up how much he adores his Dad...and the second part, apparently Derek is shirtless around the house quite a bit???

I just want to freeze this moment forever.