Jack Turns 4!

On Dec. 28 this little guy turned 4.

I couldn't be more amazed and in love with him. His enthusiasm for life is contagious, just as his smile and laugh. He is such a great example for Teddy in being sweet, kind to others, making friends, sharing, a zest for learning, and polite. He just loves people, especially family and close friends. He is such a sweetheart, still picking me flowers, asking for snuggles, and always wanting to play. He idolizes his Dad and will do anything he is doing (including finding him in the bathtub with my razor trying to shave his head like Dad does too). As much as I am sad to see him get bigger, I am loving it at the same time. I am loving each new stage he grows into and am excited for what is in store this next year.

As usual, we were away for his birthday. Luckily we were in Utah where his little cousins and some good friends were as well. To celebrate, he and his cousin Sophia had a joint party at Jumping Jacks.

Who wouldn't love to climb, bounce and eat junk food?

Per request, Derek and I tried our hand at creating a spiderman cake. We are pretty proud of how it turned out :)

We also had a little celebration with Derek's family in Park City.

More food, treats, food and fun! It was a fun day and appreciate everyone joining in on the fun!

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Lauren said...

Jack is so cute. has been since day 1! :)